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In UK when a singer covers someone else's song do they have to first ask them?

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  • 2 months ago

    No, not just to cover a song, and not the artist personally.  In the UK or anywhere else, you can cover all the songs you want from as many artists you want, and as long as you don't get paid nobody will even care.

    Key words:  As long as you don't get paid.  The minute you make any money of any kind, that's where the copyright laws come in.  And you don't need the artist's permission to publish their stuff, you need permission from the record company that owns the rights.  Very few artists own the rights to the music they created.

  • Tony B
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    2 months ago

    To publish (that just means make it available for others to hear) a recording of someone else's composition you need the permission of the publisher.

  • Jill
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    2 months ago

    Yes. You can perform a cover song but if you publish it (for sale) without the songwriters permission you'd likely get sued unless it's a very old song that has fallen into the public domain.  

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