elon musk just saif he can put humans on mars by 2026, do you believe him?

i just saw this on abc overnight news

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  • 1 month ago

    if he finds a way to finance it then he´d be able to do it no problem. Give or take a few years 

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, but a return ticket won't be available until 2078.

  • Manuel
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    1 month ago

    It all depends, if he using Elon time frames then perhaps you can add another two years or so, if he is not then add one year.

  • 1 month ago

     Probably not, it’s all just marketing. He has a car company to run after all.

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  • 1 month ago

    He is certainly moving in that direction.  I assume no more than a two man crew.  His biggest obstacle may be getting the government not to block him.

  • 1 month ago

    Its Possible We Have Been Very Interested In The Planet Mars

  • 1 month ago

    If he saif he can put humans on mars by 2026, I believe him.  However, if he said he can put humans on Mars by 2026, I am not sure I would believe him.

  • 1 month ago

    More than a few ounces of cremated ones, not a chance.  He would have to launch by mid 2025 to get there in 2026.  He might make a launch rocket by then, but no way to build a capsule to hold live humans for many months without dying.

    Landing on Mars is even more difficult than landing on Earth.  Thin atmosphere, not good for braking, but will rip up a parachute.  So added mass of rockets to slow down and land means a larger rocket.  And no water or runway to land on.

    Might be possible for the passenger rocket to link up with a lander that had been sent on ahead.

    A much better idea is to land on Phobos or Deimos moon and lay out a station.  That would be much easier to do than landing many tons on Mars.

    Coming back might not be possible unless more supplies and fuel were sent for that on a different rocket.

    Some crazy guys say that instead of using the lower energy Hohmann orbit that takes more than 6 months each way, a higher speed trip could be done in just a few weeks.

    A special powerful rocket could be assembled in Earth orbit from multiple launches.  Might even be done at the space station over several days and spacewalks.  Later a Mars crew of 2 or 3 comes up in a traveling capsule and links with the rocket.  At the correct moment, the rocket fires to escape Earth.  It already has 80% of the necessary speed.  Now it can boost the crew capsule to higher than normal interplanetary trip speed.  I saw this in a 1955 movie "Conquest of Space" when it first came out.  Five men took not very long to get to Mars.  The landing was by winged vehicle in that one.  But it could be done by transferring to an earlier sent rocket lander, and letting the traveling part go into an extended orbit around Mars until a return trip.

    A return rocket could have been sent ahead to Mars surface, along with laboratory space and vehicles in its nearly empty tanks. A fueling plant could distill oxygen and some methane out of the atmosphere.  The filled tanks in the launching rocket could power the crew lander back up to the Earth-to-Mars crew capsule and send it back to Earth orbit.  That might last a few weeks only.  

    The returning crew capsule, traveling very fast, could link with an orbiting braking rocket that would slow it down enough to dock with the space station.

    While some say this plan is very complex with many vehicles, refueling, lots of docking and undocking, most of those actions are almost commonplace now.  And computer guidance is getting almost better than human pilots.

    The keys to success in landing and returning from Mars are just like the first moon trips:

    --divide the trip into stages, like 1) leave Earth and orbit, 2) dock and travel out, 3) slow to orbit Mars and dock, 4) land on Mars, 5) refuel and explore, 6) speed up to orbit Mars and dock, 7) travel back, 8) dock to slow and orbit Earth, 9) dock and slow to land on Earth.

    --never take more mass and supplies (fuel, oxidizer, crew quarters, supplies, heat shields, parachutes, power) for any single stage than absolutely necessary.  Store in orbit or discard anything extra when going from one stage to the next.

    Von Braun and NASA did moon trips of less than 2 weeks with just one giant rocket and several vehicles with 2 orbits (Earth and Moon), several dockings.  They had to use just one rocket because it had never been done by assembling a long trip vehicle in orbit.  Now we have more than 20 years of space station construction, maintenance, and living experience to build upon.  A trip by assembling what you need at each of the 9 stages could be done with sufficient planning.

    The most important thing to avoid is the long (6 months each way) time of travel between the planets.  This is to lower the danger to the crew, take fewer supplies, keep the crew on their best operating levels.

    Probably the crew will be smaller men ( jockeys take notice! ) and women.  They have less mass, need less supplies.  I know I never could have been an astronaut until space shuttle days.  I wouldn't fit in early vehicles at 5ft 15in compared with shorter astronauts.  When bigger people were launched, I was too old (John Glenn was the exception that proves the rule).

    Elon, are you reading this stuff?

  • 1 month ago

    Yes, I believe he can. Private industry gets things done more efficiently than the government. But I don't know if he will actually do it. It would be very expensive. 

  • John
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    1 month ago

    Once again......

    Crew of 6 or why go? One pound of food per day for 6 for two years is 4380 pounds of food. Two tons, give or take. Add water, equipment and a ship big enough for the crew to have some sort of life over those two years.

    And the fuel to get it there and presumably back.

    And you have a vessel resembling that on 2001: A Space Odyssey but without the fantasy drive.

    Elon Musk most certainly does NOT possess such a vessel nor will he in 6 years.

    And there isn't enough money in the world to fix the stubborn technical issues like the killer radiation.

    It will require an orbiting space platform for construction because no Earthbound rocket is going to lift such a thing into orbit. And that simply doesn't yet exist.

    I like how the anonymous conspiracy theorist genius just went through and TD'd everybody. SHHH! It's a CONSPIRACY!

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