How to stop being bi-curious ?

I'm 29. Woman. I've never felt bi before. I've always liked men. (I did have 1 crush on a girl in 10th grade but..) anyways, that was once and short lived. I never even told her. I've lived through my years capable of seeing women as beautiful but not desirable in a lustful way for me. Until about 9 months ago my best friend came out to me as a mostly closeted bisexual. Very few people know she is, I mean. She came out to me because she is in an open marriage and they experiment with women together sometimes and she is attracted to me that way and wanted to experiment with me if I wanted to (just her and me, not her husband) ever since this happened I have felt on and off list towards women. Why ? I tell myself one day I want to try to kiss my friend or experiment to a low degree but then the next day I feel the complete opposite. I know going through with it could maybe fix it but I want to stop these on and off again feelings without trying it. Why ? Biggest reason is I'm married as well. He is fine with it though but I would still feel like it is cheating. Advice ?? 

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    2 months ago
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    If you are going to have extramarital sex, why even marry in the first place? You are straight. You wouldn’t have this feeling if your friend is not goading you. Homosexuality can be a social contagion.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    All women are bisexual/homosexual, i think you are homosexual because you are married and you are looking for pussy, you really don't love your husband.

  • 2 months ago

    You cant, because Straight women do NOT exist. A study by the University of Essex in the UK, proved some time ago that women are all either Lesbian or Bisexual, never Straight. So just accept you are bisexual; most bisexual women end up functionally Lesbian any ways and in Lesbian relationships

    Link to an article referencing the study in “source” box

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