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It is kind of sad what is happening to planet Earth and that so many people have to die it was never really desired for it to be this way ?

I can't say as a person that knows what is really going on that its not sad. Sure I will be ok and my girl will be ok but the truth is people are being lied to right now things are not ok in the world. On the surface everything seems ok but underneath its all rotten and evil. The entirety of society has become built on lies and falsehood and corruption. So when people ask if its going to collapse i say yes it is but truth be known it was collapsed 40 years ago before I was even born. This isn't really going to end well for many people no matter what side wins in this war Jehovah/YHVH or Satan. We are all being lied to very much. The media keeps repeating mindless lies to dumb down the masses. They say dont stock up on food, don't stock up on weapons, don't learn self defense dont question authority or what your told. Really when N!ggers go ape mode for food and they are looting and destroying and there is no food on the shelves and you can't get meds or supplies or gas or buy anything there will be no government to save you or nothing your all on your own. There are many horrible things to come and many beautiful things. Keep your eyes peeled on the News in the end the truth will come out and many will try to join in the last moments but it will be too late. 

Will you be one of those people. 

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    I may be nearly double your age and I can assure you that the masses being lied to by the media in general and politicians in particular has been going on all my life, and way before I was born! It is evidence of a corrupted nature that infects all humanity - including you and I. We have lied, have we not? We have tried to present a good front when (underneath) we know there's some nasty stuff in us. The Bible explains why this is so, and how the unseen influence of evil powers before Jesus appears will bring things to a head.

    This is truly a battle between spiritual powers where one has to go - for good - before the righteous conditions God first created on Earth will be permanently restored - the Evil one having been cast into the sulphuric lake of eternal fire. Yes, people need to waken up now, before Jesus appear, for then it will be too late.

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    2 months ago

    Why does it matter if we die at various times, many of us horribly, or if we all die at once?  It's fear-monging when you say it or when god threatens us.

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    We are all going to die, and what will be has been foretold.  It is what comes after than is important

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    2 months ago

    Wall of text from Miguel. Take a drink.

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