Family and toddler ?

Do you think if it is appropriate for family like in laws or brothers to ask me and husband s permission to do something out of ordinary that I am not use to with my almost 3 years old toddler? We had an incident where my in laws and my husband brother failed to ask to see whether we were  ok with what they were doing with my toddler and it turned out bad and awkward. 

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  • 2 months ago

    On some level yes they should have asking, but on another you do seem OVER protective, and that is NEVER a good thing,  children have to learn their own limits and if you are always saying no they can't do this or that, they will never learn and will always be afraid to try new things.  It is hard to watch your child try new things that may be potentially dangerous, but they will NEVER grow if you don't let them.  As long as an adult was there watching him play there was no harm done.

  • 2 months ago

    Depends. You didn't give enough details. Yes, in general, it would be appropriate to ask the parents about a significant change in routine, but it depends on a lot on the circumstances.  

    What was the out-of-the-ordinary thing exactly? Was it pre-planned or spur-of-the moment.  Where either parent available for consultation at that time? Was the child in danger? Was the child injured? Did the "thing" go against your previously expressed stance on some topic?  If you don't trust your child's grandparents or uncles, why did you leave the child in their care?There's a huge difference between taking a toddler on a motorcycle ride and feeding them something you don't normal offer or having a TV show on.  There's a big difference between intentionally sneaking to do something or having a situation come up that required a change in plans or routine. 

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