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Is it true that there are only two types of vibration: positive and negative?

I swear in physics class when we learnt about waves and vibration there were a lot more to it than claiming vibration can only be negative and positive. But now my friend is telling me otherwise but he has never studied physics before 

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    I am not much of a fan of a binary world view.  I suppose one could argue that some thing (any thing) can be viewed in binary terms with some arbitrary zero point condition, and thus impose a "Positive" versus "Negative" classification, but to what purpose, and what would it actually mean?

    I suspect your friend isn't even talking about what you are when using the very same word "vibrations".  Like Donald Sutherland's "negative vibes" in the movie Kelley's Heroes; those aren't the vibrations you mean.

  • neb
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    My guess he is probably thinking of waves that are out of phase. The positive amplitudes of one wave and the negative amplitudes of the other wave cancel resulting in a combined wave of zero amplitude. I guess if you don’t know much about physics you might conclude that there is such a thing as positive and negative waves.

    There are cases where a wave can be represented as rotations in the complex plane as they travel through space. Rotations can either be clockwise or counter clockwise. This is sometimes referred to as positive and negative frequencies. Really doubt he has ever heard of that however.

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    Your friend knows nothing.

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