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? asked in SportsHockey · 2 months ago

Will Houston ever get a NHL Team?

I Remember we had the Houston Aeros but they were AHL not NHL.

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  • 2 months ago

    Maybe, Texas is certainly a hotbed for the lessor pro hockey leagues in North America. There are what? A dozen pro hockey teams in Texas. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Aeros were also in the WHA in the 70s with legends like Gordie Howe and Terry Ruskowski.

    To answer your q never say never .. I mean if Seattle and Vegas have teams, y not H-Town ?

  • 2 months ago

    Maybe eventually, but not anytime soon.

  • Mike W
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    2 months ago

    Maybe they'll get one.  It could happen.  There was a time when no one would believe that Dallas would have an NHL team.  For a brief time Houston did have the Aeros of the long defunct WHA.  They even had Gordie Howe, and his sons playing for them.  

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  • ?
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    2 months ago

    It'd probably have to be by buying another team and moving it there. With Seattle being added, they've finally balanced the league (32 teams, 16 each East and West, 8 per division), and going to 33 would unbalance it again.

    Then again, with COVID screwing up all the teams finances, they may be able to find one to buy and relocate. While the League seems resistant to moving teams very often, that may change if one or more teams potentially go bankrupt.

  • The Aeros were in the WHA in the 1970's but weren't one of the WHA teams that merged with the NHL.  

    As far as an NHL team, the league is currently at 32 teams when Seattle begins.  Hard to see the league expanding to 33/34 teams, and nobody from Houston has put together a proposal for a relocated franchise from another city (reminder that you can't just move teams around; there are specific things that have to happen).  You'd need an owner who's a billionaire, a proven market that can sustain a team, and a building that meets NHL standards.

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