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Should instrumental jazz music make a comeback?

It's so soothing😌🎼😏🎵🎷🎺


That is so endearing to hear, hugs to friendly companions🤗

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  • 2 months ago
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    I agree, why not. I also enjoy the variety of Jazz since there are different types of Jazz. By the way, my little dog's favorite music also. He likes Jazz and Classical best. He goes looking for the funny noises that seem to come from behind the speakers. Once he has explored where the sound comes from, he likes to lay in front of one of the speakers have a snooze while we listen. Could it be .... " Jazz soothes the savage Beast ? "

    You know what else ? I have often noticed the Rabbits in the yard come to the window to listen also. The birds sing along. Must be something to this.

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