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were lyndon b johnson advisors more incompetent than the donald trump administration?

vietnam war was prolonged for over 10 years

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    --  Most likely.  

    --  The Second Indochina (Vietnam) War lasted from May1954 when president Eisenhower and his administration (including Vice president Richard Nixon) violated the "1954 Geneva Agreements on Indochina" even as they were being signed.

    --  All subsequent governments increased "advisors" (JFK and LBJ) and then LBJ started sending "Ground combat forces" which Nixon increased before starting to bring back American troops. Nixon expanded the war "unofficially" into Cambodia in February1969 and "officially in March 1970. He also expanded the "secret" war in Laos.

    --  The war ended on 4 December 1975 when the Pathet Lao took Vientiane, Laos. The war in Vietnam finished on 30 April 1975 when the PAVN and NLF took Saigon, and the war in Cambodia finished on 17 April 1975 when the five anti-Lon Nol factions took Phnom Penh.

    @Elwood Blues -- 58,318 American KIAs during the 21 1/2 year war.

    --  Donald Trump's administration was full of some reasonable people, but Trump kept sacking them because they disagreed with him.

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    And yet, 75,000 Americans died in the Vietnam war, spread over 10 years.  So far this year, about 275,000 Americans have died of Covid.

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