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Am I wrong for being offended about the fact that I’m always psyched into thinking a pretty girl likes me, when it’s really her ugly friend?

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I sometimes feel as if I’m a joke, or chopped liver, when pretty girls (who I think are about to ask me out) are trying to hook me up with their unattractive friend.  Example:

I used to be an internal messenger in the loading dock of a corporate building.  My job, as well as the other messengers, was to deliver/pick up packages throughout the building.  One day, I was assigned to fill in for a messenger at another location.  About five minutes after I got there, a pretty female messenger was smiling and asked me if I have a girlfriend.  I said no and asked her as well.  She said “Oh I’m engaged, but you should ask HER out” as she pointed to the messenger sitting a feet away.  Not only was she unattractive, but her lipstick made her look like a clown, as she didn’t “blend it in.”  Instead, it looked like she just threw it on without making it look like she wasn’t wearing lipstick, as ladies typically do by SUBTLY wearing makeup. But this woman looked ridiculous.  And she was reading a book, looking all shy and quiet.  I could tell something was wrong with her.  So I felt insulted when the pretty messenger tried to play matchmaker as if the other girl was a pity date for me, like I’m undesirable.  Not to sound conceited, but many women have told me that I’m not only handsome, but gorgeous.  I am very modest, though.  But I felt ugly that day the messenger did that to me.

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    I have met a few stunning women and two stunning men.. exceptionally so, way beyond "good looking"... what they all had in common was the understanding that beauty is only skin deep, an accident of birth and not the sign or value of a person at all. And they were all more than a bit "loners" because most people were so attracted to what they SAW that it seemed they were demanding these very real people be their "dream" and weren't particularly interested in getting to know the person in their skin-deep beauty. Though they were eager to be seen with them. And wanted to touch them. Quite soon after first introduced. And here you are, picking apart a woman for not only not being a skin-deep beauty but also not spending the extra 20 minutes at least once a day to make her make up "look" more natural. I bet she liked what she was doing. You don't have to. Don't like book readers either, eh? Too bad. All 5 of the absolutely gorgeous people I've met were bookworms. Not shy. But smart and loved to read!  

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    Wow. That was unbelievably boring. 90 seconds I can never get back. 

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    Things happen man lotta pretty girls are not single lotta pretty girls are single people are going to be trying to match you up with somebody because they’re trying to be nice to her and maybe they didn’t think you would be someone with a type . I guess you could call shallow but I’m a little bit like that but if you’re gonna be with someone every day you got a like wat you are looking at too. Focus on yourself and do all the things you love to do and usually people find someone through friends or just out of nowhere unexpectedly you’re just minding your own business happily and then a pleasant surprise shows up when you least expect it. Also from experience and what I’ve heard other people say sometimes you hang out with someone every single day and that’s what it takes and you end up liking them and you didn’t think you would I think it has to do with endorphins

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    People don't know what to say. Is it possible she thought it was a funny joke to suggest THAT woman and she thought you would laugh as a yeahhh, right lol, but the joke went over your head? 

    Next, it doesnt sound like she put much thought, if any, into suggesting someone. All she heard was you said you're single and her instant thought was Penelope with the giant Soup Cooler Lips & 1950s bouffant hairstyle is single and two single people need to meet. 

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    Maybe the "ugly" girl isn't as ugly as you think while you're too busy comparing her to others.Look her over in the daylight.

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