Long Shot But....Trying to Remember Name of Old App?

We played an app game several years ago and can't find it. No, it's not in the google library. It's one of those games you didn't need an account for and we no longer have the device. Can't find it so please don't answer with how to find uninstalled app

It was a fantasy game where a girl (the heroine) wakes up with memory loss on an island. She has to solve all sorts of puzzles from match 3 to color mixing (red and blue equal green...) to "making music" with lab beakers to match the sounds the app made, and a whole bunch more. An evil witch or queen (some sort of evil female character with powers) has turned all the island residents into stone. As you progress (story line type deal), you free the people. You also collect gems or jewels of some sort as you go. At the end, you put all these gems/jewels into a mirror and it fixes the mirror (previously broken). The bad witch/queen gets sucked into the mirror.

The ending scene has the heroine lying in bed fast asleep with a broken mirror in her hand (all a dream?) but then the mirror shines.....

I may have some small details mixed up but been trying to find this app for months. Every time I try to google to look for an app which has multiple types of puzzles/games, it comes up ONLY with "match 3" or "seek" (single games). When I try words with mirrors...it tries to hook me up with a contractor. When I try evil witch or queen, only bubble saga comes up...you get the point. Google is useless.

Any clues? I know it's a long shot.

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