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What’s with feminists asking men to get vasectomy during pro -life debates?

This is a standard feminist argument in the abortion debate. They want the government to enforce vasectomy procedures on men. But this comparison is illogical.

How is a vasectomy even comparable to abortion? Yes, both are medical procedures. That’s the only similarity. 

The vasectomy argument makes sense only if men ask women to undergo female sterilization. Otherwise, you can’t ask men to get a vasectomy.  We are NOT forcing women to have abortions. But they ARE forcing us to get a vasectomy. How does this comparison make any sense? This is such a silly argument.

Also, vasectomy reversal is not always possible. People who get the reversal procedure struggle with fertility issues later. It makes you infertile and raises the birth defects for your next child. The damage is pretty much permanent.

Nobody is forcing women to undergo female sterilization or abortion or impregnation. The government is NOT forcibly impregnating any woman. Therefore, the government does not have to legalize abortion. 

The government can't force someone to donate their organs either. Nobody has the right to invade a person's body for any purpose. THAT is bodily autonomy. Both men and women have full bodily autonomy when they have consensual sex.

Pro-lifers only ask you to be responsible for the life you create.


@ jimanddottaylor -  people abort the life that is already created. I am not saying every single sexual act must result in pregnancy. But still pregnancy is the natural result of sex. It is not a disease like cancer.

Update 2:

@Anon - I don’t support artificial forms of reproduction like IVFs. Most pro lifers don’t support creating lives outside women’s bodies. so that point is irrelevant I think.

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    Feminists have profound double standards. A vasectomy is the equivalent of a woman getting her tubes tied (though slightly less invasive.) Regardless, it has the same result - practically permanent sterilization. Therefore, if you advocate for men doing it, you should advocate for women doing it too.

    Moreso, I often hear feminists use the "guys should keep it in their pants" argument. Yet they equally say women should be free to enjoy sex with whomever they wish. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sure, if a woman wants a tubal ligation, she should be able to get one. That's another of her reproductive rights.

  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    All I've ever suggested is that men who don't want to inadvertently become parents should wear condoms instead of believing that sex partners they barely know are on the pill. 

  • david
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    While the vasectomy argument (if it even exists) is a non starter, the government can't make it illegal for a woman to have an abortion either. Their body, their decision. Just like your plumbing. 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Because there's never yet been a man on this site who deep down cares about "pregnancy" in the abstract sense.  It ALWAYS comes down to feeling that HIS SPERM might leave his control.  The solution to that is not to spread his sperm.

    No man has ever explained to me why he can't sleep at night because the thought of women having inalienable bodily autonomy but doesn't campaign to "save" all the frozen embryos that will never be used.  They are unique human dna, are they not?  One day we will be able to fully gestate a human in a "test tube."  It's been "just around the corner" my whole life, but we have been creeping closer every year and it will happen.  We can already clone people but choose not to for ethical reasons.  How are you going to feel if you find out that someone is growing a human in a vat with your dna?  Will this count as a human you have to accept if it's still the size of a bean when you find out or will you feel differently because it doesn't actually involve controlling a woman?  You see, from the deafening lack of concern for frozen embryos from "pro-lifers" I can't help but think it's 100% about controlling women.  If it genuinely isn't and you are so terrified that your sperm's fate might be controlled by a woman it makes sense to get a vasectomy to keep it away from those nasty females or anyone else who wants it. 

    I'm not sure where you're getting "forcing" anyone to get a vasectomy.  Nobody can do that in any civilized country - not even "nasty feminists."  An individual woman is within her rights to say that she won't have unprotected sex with a man unless he has a vasectomy, but that man has a 100% right to decide that's a deal breaker for him and break up.  Neither are wrong but they're wrong for each other.  That has nothing to do with the abortion debate.  

    Has it occurred to you that women who request vasectomies of their partners after their families have been completed might be staunchly pro-life and on a purely personal level even if she is not, definitely does not want to be put in the situation of having an abortion?  You can be pretty sure that she's ruled out having another pregnancy.  Why vasectomies?  Well, if a woman is done with hormonal contraception (and there are many good reasons why she doesn't want to or medically can't take them anymore) there are still many places here in the western world where it's almost impossible for a woman to find a doctor who'll sterilize her, even a tubal ligation.  It's harder now than it was 20 years ago and much harder than in the 70s and 80s.  (Funny how that comes down to wanting to control women's fertility!)  You can be 45 and have three kids and the doctor will still say, "but what would you do if your children all died in a fire?"!  If you can get this treatment it's more expensive, more invasive, has a longer recovery time, and a higher rate of complications than vasectomies.  It's very rare for a man to be turned down for the snip if he asks for it, which is as it should be - just like he shouldn't get it done if he doesn't want to.  In this respect it's not a level playing field for women.

  • Elana
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    2 months ago

    It is a bogus argument.

    It's basically like saying that all methods of birth control are the same so the laws of one should apply to the laws of another.

    I happen to be pro-choice, but no, I don't find this even funny.

    We make it illegal to shoot the mother (as a method of birth control), so no, that doesn't mean we should make condoms illegal.

  • Nat
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    2 months ago

    It’s a form of birth control. If you’re so responsible, you should get a vasectomy! Men can have children more quickly than women 

  • Bill
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    2 months ago

    @jimanddottaylor: There is nothing wrong with that line. In fact, you are wrong yourself since women that get abortions already created life. It is however curious how people like you think something that is alive and growing is not life. 


    The problem with most feminist arguments is that they're selfish, ignore facts, and are poorly thought out. One of the best examples of this tendency of feminists is the abortion debate. Instead of recognizing the life of the unborn and the mother responsibility towards that life feminists simply conclude that the unborn is a parasite, not alive, and of no value unless the woman otherwise decides it has value. Their argument is not only selfish, but ignores science and the very reality of the relationship between the mother and her ZEF or ZEF's. 

    To follow this up with by leaning on bodily autonomy is to ignore the humanity and scientific reality of the ZEF. When a woman is carrying a ZEF her body is the lifeline of another life. It is not only critical to maintain her life, but to also maintain the life of the ZEF she is carrying. This means she has a responsibility to her ZEF and the father of her children as a responsibility towards her.

    None of this has anything to do with vasectomy. Not only is the man himself not carrying the child or acting violently towards the child, but causing a pregnancy is a natural act that does not need intent or malice to cause. Furthermore, as you state, no one is talking about sterilizing women and in fact sterilizing women against their will is illegal, while sterilizes men against their will is not illegal in at least one state.

  • 2 months ago

    For the most part, you do well with your argument .  Until you get to the last line.  " responsible for the life you create"

    People who want abortions do not want to create life. 

     The government (society) does not want to be responsible for this life that is about to be created.

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