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How to fix vegetable soup?

I wish I could fix it like my Grandma always did.  I’ve tried several online directions but not even close.  The color is even off.  My Grandma’s juice was more orange.  Everything I try, the juice is more red color like tomatoe juice.  The flavor is is not the same either.  

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    2 months ago

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  • denise
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    2 months ago

    Your Grandma could have used more carrots, sweet potato in her recipe?.

    I have seen some recipes with 'Turmeric' added, it colours the stock but does not alter the flavour by much.

  • 2 months ago

    Did you make a roux first? If I dont make a roux my broth turns more red too. 

  • 2 months ago

    I bet Grandma would tell you she was pretty heavy-handed on the carrots, and that she added a little sugar into the broth, too.  

    You have to play around with this and tweak it to get it right and you might not love it on your 3rd or 4th try.  No matter.  Keep trying.  

    If you're not vegetarian, Knorr makes a nice chicken/tomato bouillon cube that you can use as a base for any chicken, beef, or veg based soup.  I'm not generally a fan of bouillon cubes but my family really likes that one when I've used it in a dish.

    You can certainly use commercial veggie broth.  Or you can make your own.  But the flavor tends to be a bit ... weak.  

    You can make yourself a really robust veggie stock with just carrots (LOTS of carrots), onion, and celery, and go on from there.  Add whatever you like (spices and other vegetables), salt and pepper of course, taste and taste and taste as you go and don't be afraid to add salt, pepper, or sugar as you go!

    Grandma may have very well smashed up a can of carrots and added it to her broth.  Not saying she did or that you should, but I have ... And the soup was good!

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  • kswck2
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    2 months ago

    'Vegetable Soup' is a rather generic term, since it means 'Vegetables' and does not distinguish WHAT vegetables. Rather, it is whatever Vegetables you have on hand at the time. Needs to be more red or orange? Use some tomato sauce-and maybe Milk for that color, needs to be more brown, use beef broth or stock. 

    Grandma probably used whatever she whatever had in her backyard or could buy from the store that was on 'sale' because it was about to go bad and was reduced in price.

    Many Vegetable soups start with a Mirepoix-one part carrot, one part celery and two parts onions-and go from there. Then open your fridge and your freezer and see what you have or want to get rid of and put it into the soup. 

  • bubula
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    2 months ago

    This is how people become good cooks: They teach themselves how to "taste" every recipe they read. They understand that most recipes are little more than a list of ingredients, and the magic ingredient is usually technique. In other words, it's not so much the vegetables you include but how you prepare them. The taste will be entirely different if you don't cut them in sizes that allow them to become tender, or if you don't sauté certain vegetables first. Or if you use a pressure cooker. Or if all of the vegetables are fresh or frozen or a mix. It's all about reading great cookbooks, thinking it through, and then not being afraid of trial and error. My best guess is that your grandma's soup included something like beef broth in addition to tomatoes in some form--diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato juice or tomato paste. You'll have the best luck if you learn from recipes and cookbooks but make the soup to please your own tastebuds and your fond memories.

    Best of luck.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Olive oil changes the color of tomatoes. She probably sauteed the onion, garlic, carrots, celery etc in olive oil, then added canned tomatoes and broth with the spices and simmered.

  • 2 months ago

    You don't give us a lot to go on here, but you might consider using heirloom tomatoes for your soup rather than genetically inbred red ones.

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