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Tire Replacement?

On the right side of my car, I have two tires with an aspect ratio of 55 and on the left side, the two tires are size 65. Is it okay to put the two 65 tires in the front of my car and the two 55 tires in the back of my car? Should I go replace them instead?


205/55 + 205/65

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    No the circumference of the wheel plus tyre must be within 2%. That is 6-7% depending on wheel size (15-17).

    If you change the profile.  You have to change the width to compensate.

    A 235/55 x 16 and 205/65 x 16 are close enough.

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    2 months ago

    In Many Countries that is Legal

    The tires must be the same size on the same Axel

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    Read the tire AGAIN.  Note if it says Radial(R) or Bias ply.   It matters. Some tire jockeys just sell the tires and don't give a rats butt.

    . If you got all Radial tires(it must be all) then the tire rotation is front to back same side

    . If you got all Bias tires then it is the cross over rotate tires.

    If the tires are 2 radial and 2 bias then you go and get 2 more of the same(I would go for the radials) and chuck the bias. You get better economy and a better ride with radial tires.(they cost more new so ask the tire store for used ones.  The rack outside has tires off various vehicles and some of the tires got 60% of the tread left and may cost you 1/3 of new.

    The difference between 55 & 65 is so small it is not worth the concern.  They are used interchangeably.  Tire stores have books where they research the tires you car takes.

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    Get rid of two and fit matching new tires, or replace all 4.

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    The ABS brake system won't work with different sized tires. If you don't have ABS brakes it should work. If you have AWD you'll ruin the viscus coupling. If it's 4WD it will screw up the 4WD and won't shift back to 2WD. 

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    That is strange.....unless you were racing on a circle track.  

    Best to have the matching tires on the same axle.  

    I would not worry about replacing them until they wear out, then get 4 the same size.

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