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Why do trans people go through sex change surgery?

One of the points that was made was that you don’t need to be a certain gender to be who you want to be and you shouldn’t let societies stereotypes and so in my psychology class we were talking about gender, gender neutrality, and sex. So in my psychology class we were talking about gender and gender neutrality and sex. One of the points that was made was that you don’t need to be a certain gender to be who you want to be and you shouldn’t let a societal construct define who you are. So it just confused me a little when we started talking about sex change surgery because I thought the whole point of finding yourself, and being who you want to be meant that you didn’t have to change yourself to be more feminine or masculine based on your sex. Like if I felt comfortable wearing dresses, nail polish, and being more sensitive(society’s standards for females), then why do I feel the need to be a woman if the whole personality construct is bs, and I can just be whatever I want, while also being a male (or female) as well? No judgment or negative vibes here, I’m just genuinely curious and I want to understand better! Thank you!!

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    "Why do trans people go through sex change surgery?"

    Because in 99% of the cases, "trans" still means transsexual.

    The term "transgender" has become all the rage in the last decade.  But it's a complete misnomer.  Every time we hear about someone transitioning it is always their SEX they are changing and not their GENDER.

    Changing one's sex through surgery and hormones makes on a transSEXual.

    If one was to change their gender by seeking the help of a psychologist to change their mentally constructed gender identity then we could say that that person is a transGENDER.


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    Being cis myself, I'm mostly guessing here, but...

    1. Not all trans people do get surgery.  In particular, afaik we have *not* mastered making convincing boy parts out of girl parts, so trans men often keep their original equipment.

    2. While gender is a social construct, it is one that most people very much attach to the physical realities of, well, sex.  If one can, by getting certain surgeries done, more readily "pass" as one's chosen gender, one may opt to get such surgeries.  For example, a trans man who happens to be, say, a D cup, is probably going to want those removed so people don't instantly assume that he's a she.

    3. Clothes.  This is more a factor for top surgery (breast addition/removal) than bottom surgery, but... male clothes tend to be designed to fit male bodies, and female clothes tend to be designed to fit female bodies.  This is probably a fairly minor factor, but I'd imagine it is at least a little bit of a factor for some trans people.

    4. Dysphoria.  A reasonable fraction of trans people feel like the body they are in is the *wrong one*.  Like they do not have the "equipment" they are supposed to have.  Surgery can, at least potentially, correct this.

    5. Sex.  If one happens to be a trans lady into dudes, or a trans dude into ladies, one may wish to have equipment capable of, er, standard docking maneuvers with one's preferred sex.

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    Part of socialization as a gender is the public response to you when you're out and about. This is why some trans persons seek gender affirming surgery. But truly, most can't afford to do the whole Caitlyn Jenner treatment and I've never personally met a FTM trans man who'd undergone bottom surgery because the medical science just isn't there yet to make it an attractive option. 

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     Those people feel that they’re born the wrong sex zjqcdik

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    Because they want to.... and believe that they will feel better in an altered body

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