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A puppy wont stop barking!?

I have a 5 month old pup shes very prone to barking sometimes she barks when shes in her pen for no reason but always se barks constantly when the other dogs are out and shes not! You can tell her to stop she will ignore you after a while it gets very draining to keep trying to stop her iv tried everything! Nothing will work she barks and barks if i let her out with the big dogs she bites there ears and hurts them and i dont want her getting hurt so she has to stay in unless i can supervise her. 

Please can somebody give mr advice on how to get her to stop barking. Is this normal for a puppy of her age?

(All my dogs are outside dogs in suitable spacious pens which have also been checked by the kennel club and they have there recommended exercise every day)

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    She is barking because she wants to play, and sees it unfair for the others to be out without her. The "ear biting" is likely part of the play. Try letting her play with just one or two of the other dogs. Are you sure you don't have too many dogs? Why are the dogs outside? 

    If a dog or puppy is outside in a pen, it is likely to bark. If you can't allow your 5 month old dog to play with the other dogs, you may have either too many dogs, or dogs that are incompatible. I would suggest that the puppy is just trying to play. Look up videos on how puppies play. This can be relatively rough in nature, but no one actually gets hurt. No one runs off as though scared. No one yelps in pain. Each one takes turns in the play, whether dodging, jumping on one another, "biting" ears/necks, etc, bowing, running.

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    Oh, she has a reason but you don't understand what it is.  

    If you google 'stop excessive barking', you can learn some of things that would help you to stop the excessive barking.  You cannot stop her from barking cause that is the sound dogs make.  You cannot change that little fact.  Dogs bark, that is what dogs do.  They do not meow, moo, nay, cackle, they bark.  Some dogs just bark more than others.

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    The AKC sent a personal rep to your house to check your "spacious pens"?  I call troll.

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    2 months ago

    This post sounds like BS to me. 

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  • 2 months ago

    I was going to answer your question until I saw a major RED FLAG in your post, suggesting the whole thing is made up.

      1) Humane societies do not recommend dogs be entirely outdoor dogs, nor will they adopt out to such homes, only providing outdoor housing even if the dog has a dog house & unfrozen clean water, if they are never allowed to live inside.2) Unless you are a large, prolific breeder (of 4 or more litters per year) the AKC does NOT inspect kennels (ever) and local kennel clubs NEVER DO - as they have no right to do so.  They also do not inspect living or exercise conditions; that falls (by LAW) under the auspices & direction of local animal control, animal services, animal state control officer, or the  Dept of Natural Resources & Environmental Control.

    If you are a proflic breeder then the barking of one 5 mo old (apparently untrained puppy) would be the least of your problems re: neighbors or kennel inspections.  if the other dogs all have pens and are put INTO THEIR pens - then she cannot BITE them if put outside or placed in her OWN PEN - now can she????  Stop wasting our time and peeing on our collective legs........ and claiming it is raining.  BULL!

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    She barks when other dogs are out and she's locked away? Wow how weird! And pens checked by the Kennel club? Where do you live! Which kennel club provides this service?

    EDIT: How many dogs do you have exactly? And if you have all these dogs and you have outside pens which have been inspected by a kennel club how come you don't know what to do with a frustrated puppy?

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