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Outdoor cats in winter.?

We have a stray cat that wandered into our yard over the summer. We have tried many times to bring her inside but she won't have it and poops everywhere and destroys whatever is in her path to get back outside. She is super friendly otherwise. We just kept feeding her and she has now become sort of like our barn cat. She spends most of her time on our covered back porch now instead of coming and going. With winter here and temperature dropping we bought a small doghouse for her and put a blanket in it. But she has no interest she would rather lay out in the open on our covered porch. The temperature dropped to the lowest so far last night at 33°F so I put a heating pad in the doghouse and moved her food into it as well before I went to bed but nope didn't work, when I woke up this morning she was still laying out in the open asleep. Is their another way I can help her stay warm OUTSIDE. Me and my husband are thinking of putting up a heat lamp somehow but we are still trying to figure out how to do that on our porch. 


The temperature dropped into the high 20s a few days ago and when I ran out to check on her she was using the doghouse and heating pad. Since then she has been sleeping in the doghouse every night. 

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    I was adopted by a stray once. She didn't want to be inside either. But she just found places to curl up and stay warm. Your cat is most likely using the doghouse when you're not looking. Cats are smarter than you think.

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    Well, you can always thaw her out in the Spring. Don't worry about her. She's playing you for food. If she gets cold, she'll find warmth.

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    If it gets too cold she'll go into the dog house with the heating pad.

    You sound like very compassionate people.

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