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I think a coyote killed my dog.?

Hi everyone, I live in a small village in Lousiana and I have a western Siberian laika named Laica of 13 years and I had another dog, Briscola, a 15-year-old half-breed who is no longer there. I took Briscola home first, found her stray, then took Laica home, took her to a kennel, she was abandoned too. My house is slightly outside the town and I knew there were coyotes and other animals, but so far there have been attacks from me and my neighbors. Today I went out of the house for an hour and on my return I found Briscola lying on the ground dead with bite marks, everything around was full of blood. I immediately thought she was Laica, but she had no blood marks on her, then a neighbor of mine said she saw 5 coyotes near my house, so she thinks the coyotes killed her. What should I do now?

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    Bury the corpse, I guess. Not sure what you're asking.

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    The best thing to do is to kill the Coyotes but that's a hard task.  Trapping one is next to impossible.  I've shot a few but even then it's more luck than skill as they are very wary of humans.  Antifreeze works well but you also take the chance of killing every animal that drinks it.  

    Some idiot posted that coyotes kill for food, not fun.  That's a load of horse sheet.  No animals kills for fun however some will kill everything within reach, eat some and then leave.  

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    You can either bury her or have her cremated.  You could call Fish & Game to see if they can do anything about the coyotes.  Don't you have a fenced in yard for the dogs?  To keep your dogs in their yard & to keep the coyotes out.

    Sorry for your lose. Especially coming home to find all the blood. That was rough on you.  I am so sorry.

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    It reads so..... Sorry for your loss therefore. Take preventative measures a coyote fence would be an excellent idea or they will be back for your other dog soon

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    Put up a f-ing fence (preferably with a coyote ROLLER at the top) and do not leave your dogs outside if you are not with them or they are not on leash.  One neighbor in the next (metropolitan) city over from mine, WATCHED his toy poodle get dragged off out of his back yard, and it ended up on the local news.  

    Coyotes are in all states and even INSIDE NEW YORK CITY (seen on camera crossing streets at night).  They REGULARLY drag off pets or kill them & eat them in the suburbs or rural areas.  Buy a clue, and stop feeding coyotes - with your pets.

  • Amber
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    2 months ago

    What a biggest load of tosh. 

  • 2 months ago

    Under the circumstances (Coyote around) it's totally possible your poor dog was killed by them - don't leave them outside uinattended!!   If I understand this situation.....?

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    Stop leaving your dogs outside unattended

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    Move house and move on

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    Survivorman said to pee around your area to mark your territory to scare away wild animals. 

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