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If the bpm is 60 and the stroke volume is 70 mL/minute, how is the volume pumped by the left ventricle? Note: I dont think its 60*70?

Note: I dont think its 60*70 because i believe that is the cardiac output since its formula is CO=Stroke volume x bpm

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    Stroke-volume is measured in mL (same thing as mL/beat), not in mL/minute.

    The wording is incorrect in the question (use of 'how').

    The required answer is a rate not a 'volume'.

    So I guess the actual question should be this:

    Heart-rate = 60bpm.  Left ventricle stroke volume = 70mL/beat.

    What is the volume pumped by the left ventricle per minute?

    The volume pumped by the left ventricle per minute is the same thing as the cardiac output.

    Volume pumped by left ventricle per minute  = stroke-volume x bpm

    = 70 * 60

    = 4200 mL/min

    = 4.2L/min

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    Flow = 7/6 mL/sec , 70 mL/min  , 70*60 /1000 = 4.2 L/h 

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    You need to consider units.  the stroke volume is 70 MILLILITRES.  60 * 70 = 5400 milliLitres / minute

    What units do you need? Litres per second?  Litres per minute? milliLitres per minute?  A number without a unit is meaningless.

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    @Badz, then what is the cardiac output then?

    @Andrew mL/min

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    Edit: cardiac output is the same; it’s the blood pumped out of the left ventricle in 1 minute 

    It’s 60x70. If you think about it, the stroke volume  can be thought of as the blood the left ventricle pumps in a single contraction because whatever blood is pumped out of the right ventricle will eventually be pumped by the left ventricle after it has been oxygenated, so we only need to consider the left ventricle.

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