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How to use the word "offset"?

Can I say "by wearing masks, we can offset the cost of hospitalization/getting sick"?


Thanks, all!

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    Not quite the right use of "offset." It's not going to help with the cost of hospitalization so much as it may reduce the incidents of hospitalization. Maybe if you take the 'personal' out of it: 

    Wearing of masks helps to offset the occurrence of severe symptoms that require hospitalization. 

    PS - I think the word you're looking for, perhaps, is "mitigate" rather than offset in this instance. 

    If you're needing to use the word "offset" it's more like 

    "The insurance contribution helped to offset the cost of hospitalization."

  • Lili
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    "Offset," used as a verb, means to "counteract" something.  It doesn't quite work in this situation, unless you're speaking in wider terms than your sentence suggests you have in mind.

    "If everyone wears masks, we can offset the overall cost of the pandemic."

    In other words, masks may reduce the incidence of illness, and if that happens, we can ensure that the pandemic overall doesn't cost as much as it otherwise might.

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    You are close. 

    You could say:

    "By wearing masks, we can offset the number of people being hospitalized".

    "We can offset the amount we are going to have to pay to buy the materials by raising the price of the finished product."

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    "Offset the cost" means to pay some of the money. That's not what you're trying to say. "By wearing masks, we can reduce the number of hospitalizations."

    "By wearing masks, we can reduce the strain on hospitals and health care workers. "

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    Maybe change "cost" to "chances"?

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