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Does the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outrank the Unified Combatant Commanders?

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    Yes, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff (CJCS) outranks the combatant commanders (COCOMs). But that doesn't mean the CJCS or the joint chiefs have command over the COCOMS. The joint chiefs primarily advise the president and secretary of defense (SECDEF) on military policy, strategy, and operations. They also facilitate communications and resource allocation to the COCOMs, but they have limited power to issue orders beyond what the president or SECDEF direct.

    If the government was a company, the JCS would be roughly analogous to a board of directors with the CJCS as the board chair, the president would be the CEO and the COCOMs would be like other company officers (e.g., COO, CFO, etc) that actually run the company.

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    Technically, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a CIVILIAN position advising the President, but it is always filled by a senior military officer.

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    The JCS itself outranks the Chair.  That's never an issue because the Secretary of defense tells all of them what to say, what to think and what to do.  Never heard of  whatever that is.

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    Please explain exactly what is a Unified Combatant Commander??

    Never heard of that.

    In the U.S. Military, the Chairman of the JCS outranks all other U.S. Military members.

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    What the hell is the "Unified Combatant Commanders"??? 

    I have never heard of that. 

    Now, there is the "National Command Authority" which is the president & their cabinet  starting with the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the service. 

    The most senior uniformed service member is subordinate to the "national command authority".  Civilian control of the armed forces is a "check" in all those constitutional "checks & balances" the forefathers incorporated in order to prevent a tyrant.  . 

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    yes, but he is not in their chain of command, so cannot give them orders.

    The chairmen is just an advisor to the secretary of defense

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    2 months ago

    yepper .............................................

    Source(s): Retired ARMY SFC.
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    YES. That person is the highest ranking officer in the US Military.

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