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Why are Trump's goals so closely aligned with the goals of America's enemies?

China, Russia, North Korea, and other hostile foreign nations want to weaken America by eroding faith in our Democratic process.


Trump has consistently attacked the credibility of our election system. He did this in 2016 when he won, and he did it in 2020 when he lost. In both cases Trump claimed without evidence that widespread fraud took place.


Trump doing the bidding of America's enemies and trying to destroy Democracy.

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    Republicans and Trump are a bunch of fascist wannabes because they cannot retain power any other fair way, due to their unpopularity.

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    Um... President Trump didn't make more votes show up in some counties that had less voters.

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    President Trump is a modern day Charles Lindbergh. 

    Charles Lindbergh was a patriot and great aviator but Non-Interventionism and his belief that Russia was a greater threat blinded him to the dangers of Hilter's Germany to its own citizens and the rest of the world. He failed to see how his Non-Interventionism actually helped Nazi Germany foreign policy goals. Only after touring the Nazi concentration camps did he realize how wrong he was.

    I had respect for President Trump as a businessman and brand builder. President Trump's ignorance on how the World works, his polities of Grievousness and wounded ego are blinding him to the dangers of fighting with our traditional allies. He failed to see how his actions and policies help Putin and the Russian foreign policy goals. His trade and tariff policies are already causing problems to US businesses. 

    Now his wounded ego blinds him to how he is shaking Republican faith in Democracy. 

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    biden is in for an awakening on the world stage

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    Trump is not the one who mailed unsolicited ballots to millions of people. 

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    it's almost like they think the guilt of voting for biden and everything he represents will go away if they shriek even louder about trump....isn't it?

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