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Help...Baby's coming in a couple of months: Kiara or Keola ??

We don't know the sex yet as were waiting, but we're stuck on either Keola or Kiara for a girl, who will definitely have the middle name Robyn, or if its a boy, Kai but we're stuck on a middle name for that. We have a little boy already called Kendall, suggestions would be nice thx ☺️


Or is there another girl's name beginning with k preferably that would sound nice with Robyn ?? 

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    Kiara is prettier than Keola, but it doesn't sound good with Robyn (too much R sound in the combo). Robyn Kiara flows better than Kiara Robyn. Maybe you can find some other K names before the baby is born. 



    Kendra (but also awkward with Robyn)

    Kensey/Kensi or Kinsey


    Kaelani Raye (the name of a Miss America back in the 1960s)



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    are you black or from the islands  , you ask use which name  , what color are you ..

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    I like Kiara but I don't like how it sounds with Robyn. 

    I don't like Keola At all. Sorry. But it does flow better with Robyn. 

    If you're doing Kai for a boy and seem to like K names, what about Kaia/Kiya/Kaya for a girl? 

    Other suggestions: 

    Krista Robyn

    Kiana/Kianna Robyn 

    Kamila/Kamilla Robyn

    Kalina/Kelina/Kilena Robyn

    Keziah Robyn

    Kiralee Robyn 

    Kilana/Kelana/Kalana Robyn

    Kasia/Kassia Robyn

    Kovina Robyn

    Kailana Robyn

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     Kiara sounds halfway normal out of those 2 choices zxjqmp

     . . . . . . . . . .

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    2 months ago


    Kiera Jade

    Kiera  Lee /leah /

    KierA Madison 


    Kai Mason 

    Kai Robert 

    Kai Alexander 

    Kai Daniel 

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    I prefer Kiara. Other girls' names beginning with K I like are Kerensa and Kate. 

    Kai is nice for a boy. I'd pair it with something long and classic:

    Kai Alexander

    Kai Sebastian

    Kai Nathaniel

    Kai Elliott

    Kai Samuel

    Kai William

    Kai Alastair

    Kai Lucas

    Kai Theodore

    Kai Daniel

    Kai Vincent

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    Kelly is a name I am fond of and can be optional; used for either a boy or girl.  I actually knew two Kelly's that were a couple.  The male's name was often reduced to Kel though.  I like Kiara.  Only other K girls names I can think of are Karen (not at all popular atm), Katherine (Kate), Kayla, Kendall and Kylie (often reduced to Kyle).  

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    I like Kiara better.  Keola is just silly.  Kiara Robyn is lovely.  Not a fan of Kai.  Kai Andrew is nice.

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    Its not common. And pretty.

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    I love the names Kai and Kendall btw. IMO I like Keola better (I've actually never heard it before) but Kiara is ok. To me there's too many "r" sounds with Kiara Robyn.

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