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Do you think it's strange for 26 years old who never had a girlfriend?

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    No. The good thing is that you have avoided having your heart broken.

    May I suggest that the first question to ask yourself when considering whether or not to date someone is, “Is this person a strong person?” If they’re not, no matter how much you like them, how much they like you, or how “cute” or “hot” they are, - please don’t date them. A strong person has good character (honesty, integrity, trustworthiness), displays a positive attitude (cheerful, caring, friendly, forgiving, helpful, and respectful), fulfills their responsibilities (for handling people who are pains in a positive way, for always trying to make a good choice, for taking care of themselves, for serving others), gives their best effort, and demonstrates self-control (of their body, anger, mouth and money). 

    My suggestion is that you put in the effort necessary to become a strong person (if you’re not already) and eventually look for this type of woman (otherwise you’re setting yourself up for a broken heart). Unfortunately this type of woman is difficult to find - but save yourself the heartache and don’t settle for less.

    (Please remember that you eventually want a 50 or 60 year marriage - not a 5 or 10 year marriage.)

    Hope this helps!

    PS Here are "21 tips that could help you to attract a strong person" from the book True Love Lasts:

    1. Take the time and put in the effort to become a strong person yourself (this is the most important tip)

    2. Put yourself in as many situations as possible that will allow you to potentially come in contact with other strong people - community service organizations, the library, high school or college clubs, the “Y” or other workout facilities, religious book studies, coffee shops, non-alcoholic parties, bookstores, concerts (wear a good pair of earplugs to protect your ears from permanent hearing loss), co-ed recreational athletic teams, community service projects, mission trips, volunteer service, etc. Try to get to know other people as much as possible without dating

    3. Be cheerful, approachable, and friendly - smile regularly to put others at ease (let people see your positive attitude)

    4. Take a real interest in getting to know others. Ask people an open-ended question about themselves in order to get them talking. Share things related to what’s been said as needed to keep the conversation going. Then ask them another question

    5. Be polite and kind to everyone - even to people who you don’t like or enjoy being around

    6. If you decide to not accept a request for a date, do it in a kind way (being rude isn’t a good choice and it doesn’t help you - word about it will get out and you’ll become less approachable)

    7. Be confident about yourself - if you’re trying to become a stronger person each day, you already have a lot going for you 

    8. Be humble - don’t act like you’re Miss Charming or you’re Mr. Wonderful

    9. Don’t be concerned about whether or not someone likes you

    10. Have the attitude that if someone doesn’t like you - they don’t really know you

    11. Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep (at least nine hours for teens, at least seven hours for adults according to the experts), exercising regularly (if approved by your doctor), and eating a healthy diet

    12. Develop a good sense of humor - including the ability to laugh at your own mistakes 

    13. Be known as a hard worker

    14. Dress well and dress modestly at the same time (wearing seductive clothing doesn’t attract another strong person)

    15. Pay attention to your appearance, but don’t obsess over it (remember that strong people are attracted to other strong people, they’re not too concerned about looks - because they realize that looks fade with age). If you use makeup, make sure it’s not excessive. Use perfumes and colognes sparingly - if at all

    16. Truly care about other people 

    17. Stay in close communication with real friends who can help you through the ups and downs of life and hold you accountable

    18. Be patient - real friends can help you with this

    19. Persevere - please remember that almost nothing worthwhile is quick and easy. Please don’t settle for dating a weak person

    20. Don’t take it personally if someone doesn’t want to date you

    21. Don’t act desperate for a date


    Source(s): True Love Lasts - written with a character emphasis for teens through young adults, Straight Talk About Dating - written with a Christian emphasis for ages 20 and up
  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Not strange, but definitely  something you get judged for as a man. I would suggest you get started. Even if it means shallow short relationships at first. They may call you a jerk, they may say you are only after sex. It's  all lies. A woman hates an inexperienced man, more than any jerk.

  • 3 months ago

    Yes.You should be learning dating skills to start with so you know what to do.Then find someone to be a genuine relationship with.

  • 3 months ago

    I'm 29

    Still single

    And still a virgin

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    A good friend of ours is in his early 40s and to our knowledge has never had a relationship let alone a sexual encounter. Does that make him strange? Hell no, he's one of the most caring, down to earth, grounded and interesting people I've ever had the privilege to call a friend. 

    He's seen me at my worst and best, he doesn't have any of the heartbreak and faff that the rest of the friendship group has regarding relationships. He's got his own business, house and friends and honestly I think if met a woman now they'd just get in his way! Not everyone is wired the same, I'm very grateful to have him in my life.

    In many ways I envy him, I'm so sick of the phrase 'just give me one more chance'. He's never had to deal with any of that. I wish I could be more focussed on what I want and not what others want from me. Sorry for the essay. Hope that helps. 

    You be you, best way to be x

  • Hayley
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    3 months ago

    It is not strange. I believe people's character should not be determined by their relationship status.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Possibly not strange, but you could be missing out.   After 30, the years just slide by and pretty soon you're 45 and women aren't interested in you anymore, then you're 55 and your friends have grandkids and it's pretty much too late.   Maybe you have low testosterone levels and you just don't care about women enough to put the rest of your life on hold for a woman, or maybe not.

  • 3 months ago

    Not really strange no. It's a complicated world we live in. You may not think so but you have plenty of time.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Not really, but it's a bit strange that a 26 year old can't compose a basic sentence in his own native language.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I’m 25 and never had a boyfriend. Don’t really see myself getting one in the next year or two, so no they’re good. 😂

    Not saying that there haven’t been times that I have thought that it would be nice to date someone, or do couple stuff with someone, but between worrying about my career and keeping up with the things that are important to me I just haven’t found someone to fit into my life. I’ve had guys that I have considered dating before, but I like being on my own more then the idea of having to worry about someone else. And I like being able to be selfish if I want to be. Plus, front row seats to relationships blowing my friends lives up is a good grounder. 

    But I’ve never asked my friends if they  though it was weird or not. I don’t think they care either way if it’s what I want. Sometimes I wonder if a guy might decide they aren’t interested in me just because I’ve never dated before, but me being independent and not being judged is important to me, so if that’s the case then I’m probably dodging a bullet 😂🤷‍♀️

    I’m happy with my life and what I’ve got around me, and I know that if I let myself get to comfortable then I’ll let myself get stuck and regret it later. Dating someone can always come later. 

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