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do americans support Israel for Jesus?

I am not against Israel. I am not an antisemite but do americans support Israel for bible reason and God?

I think that God loves Israel like palestine too. However Israel wanted peace but arabs not.


@christian sinner:  I think that God loves all.

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    I can't speak for all of them. But I can say that I see clearly that God has promises for Israel which are not yet fulfilled. So, I support Israel not because they have leaders I prefer, but because I know what God wants to do with them. Palestine, it's answering to the archetype of the sons of Ishmael; always jealous of what Isaac has. Not peaceful about it. Choosing leaders who cause themselves harm. Against God's word, as prophecy determines Israel's future regardless of the attitude Palestinians have against Israel.

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    A misconception that is given by mostly futurists of the book of Revelation, in specifics it would be the  premillennialist types. It's those types that demand we give Israel everything of their every desire. And they have cozy'd up to Donald Trump, even though I think he thinks  it's a bunch of crock, he is delivering to them what they voted him for.

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    There's nothing that Jewish people loathe as much as religious nuts who try to convert them to their Jesus religions.  As such, anyone who is trying to do this in Israel deserves to be deported!

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    The Abrahamic Covenant between God and Israel was never dissolved, and God always keeps His promises.  As Christians, we are to support Israel and the Jewish people.

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