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I would like to possibly upgrade to a mirrorless camera from my Nikon D90 DLSR. ?

I'd like something more compact and light. Would it be considered an upgrade or would I be lacking many features only a DLSR can provide. I am mostly a nature/landscape/architecture photographer. 

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    The main advantage a DSLR has over a mirrorless is the direct view through the lens. So for fast moving objects it is better to use a dSLR. For anything else I don't see a disadavntage in a mirrorless camera. And the built in software gets better and better - soon they will be equall when shooting fast moving objects. Mirrorless cameras are all high quality, no matter the brand.

    If you stay with Nikon you can use your F lenses with an FTZ (F to Z) adapter. The D90 is not the youngest model anyway, so a new Nikon Z is certainly an upgrade. 

    If you want to continue shooting your lenses make sure the new camera uses the same (or smaller) sensore size. You can't use DX lenses on a Full Frame camera.

    Have fun shooting photos!

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    2 months ago

    The mirrorless body can be more compact because of a shorter lens flange to sensor distance. However, since the lenses they use were originally designed for a longer lens flange to distance, except for a few lenses specially designed for the mirrorless format, almost all lenses will actually be more bulky. So, unless you carry only one lens with you and attaches it to the camera body, your camera bag will actually weigh more than if you use a DSLR camera. 

    The mirrorless camera is NOT an upgrade, but an alternative format for people who are using DSLR cameras. If you shoot wildlife or sports, the DSLR camera is better because if you use a big telephoto, you will likely need an adapter. A big heavy lens in front of a smaller camera and mounted on an adapter is not very well balanced as a unit, especially if you try to hand hold it. Fewer telephotos are available for mirrorless cameras also. Therefore many photographers will not use a mirrorless camera, especially if they shoot sports or wildlife for a living. They lens they use will dwarf the camera they use, and a more compact camera that does not give them a real time view of their subject is not an upgrage. 

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    The DSLR is generally considered the camera design with the most features.

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