Is dropping out a good idea?

 I want to drop out of college. I go to my local community college for animation. Animation has been my dream since I was in the third grade. But its so hard to keep up with my classes and 2 jobs. some have told me to take fewer classes (enrolled in 3 currently). however, lately with covid and everything, it has made things so much harder financially for myself. I have a shitty car that has given me trouble every week for the past month. having to shell out $400-$700 everytime its broken down. my rent is due soon and I have no days off. I'm so backed up on homework and classwork its overwhelming. I'm 22 and I keep having to take breaks from school so that I can work to survive. I honestly should have graduated by now, I watch my friends who have had the support of family to get them through college graduate and I'm still taking intro to animation classes. I want to give up and see what my options without college would be

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  • John
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    I would recommend you finish this semester, and not attend in the spring.  Stay enrolled at your college, and plan to restart classes in the fall of next year.  Meanwhile complete your financial aid applications for next year.  Be sure to include your living expenses on your FAFSA.  In that way you might get enough financial aid to get by without working an excessive amount.

  • 2 months ago

    seems like time to delay college, even CC, for a least a semester.  focus on sorting out your finances.

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