Chromatic aberration material in lens studio?

I wanna make a material with subtle chromatic aberration in edges close to the center like tat image with the orange circle I made that image with a toy lens my cousin had which was like the faces of diamonds in a circle how would I achieve that in lens studio?


I mean the Snapchat Lens Studio

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  • Alan
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    I am not so sure that what you are referring to is actually chromatic aberration. That being said, I once owned a filter that mounted over the camera lens and produced a similar effect. This filter was advertised to give portrait shots a “buttery” look. It was a clear optical flat cut on the boundaries with tiny concentric circle grooves. The axis (center of the filter) was just clear glass. I was able to approximate this same effect using a UV filter. I applied a light coat of Vaseline with a cotton swab at the edges. In a pinch, it was common practice to rub the bridge of your nose with your finger. The finger picked up some human nose grease. We rubbed this on the edges of our camera lens. Good thing, we had lens cleaner in our gadget bag.  

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