Was it wrong for me to refuse to give a friend some help?

I used to talk t this girl in high school. We were jsut friends. However since last year she has been ignoring me. When I try to initiate conversations, she just sees them and never replies. Someone said she's busy but she posts on instagram her super smash bros ultimate matches and her animal crossing stuff. Yeah what's so "busy" about that. Just last week she sent me a survey and she said she really needs me because Im part of her scope. I just ignored her. She kept badgering and badgering and yesterday, she told me I was a rotten friend for refusing to answer her and lend her a hand. I responded "Yeah says the girl who ignores me when I try to be normal." She responded "I WAS BUSY" then I replied back "Yet you manage to comment and like our other friends' instagram and fb posts and play animal crossing and smash with them. What makes them "busy?". She got mad and told me I was an a**hole then I called her a b*tch. (Sorry about that).

\TLDR: A friend of mine who has been ignoring me for the past 18 months told me to answer her survey and she got very mad that I'm ignoring her when she needs it for her thesis defense. 

1 Answer

  • T J
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    You were right not to respond. Time to block her on everything, and that old friend that told you to respond.

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