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CHUMP supporters don't you realize that you can't over turn an election just because you don't like the result of the election?


In Georgia, Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit the day after the election, focused narrowly on absentee ballots in Chatham County, home to Savannah. The campaign asked that any absentee ballots arriving after polls closed on Tuesday be set aside.

For most voters, Georgia requires ballots to arrive before the end of Election Day, though there’s an exception for military voters and overseas voters.

The Trump campaign cited an affidavit from a poll worker who said he thought he might have seen late-arriving ballots improperly mingled with ones cast on time. Even if that was true, it was not an election-changing problem: The allegation dealt with a small number of ballots in a single county.

Georgia Democrats filed two affidavits from other poll workers who said they observed no such intermingling. A Georgia judge dismissed Trump’s suit in one day, writing that there was “no evidence” the county elections board had failed to comply with the law.

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