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what is an example of a visual character?

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    In this topic?  Any character that actually prints something on a printer or display when it occupies a character cell.  Certain control characters are NON-visual (though we usually say "non-printing") because they convey formatting information.

    For example, the character "A" is visual because when you put it in a file and print the file, you see the "A."  But the control character "NUL" is NOT visual.  If you have the USASCII NUL character, nothing prints and the character cursor on the output device doesn't move.  Some control characters change the position of the cursor on the output device - like BS (backspace), TAB, CR (carriage return), LF (line feed), and VT (vertical tab).  Some control characters are holdovers from the days when you HAD upper and lower case characters but could only access them for output by using "SO" or "SI" (shift out or shift in).  Some control characters were "tape marks" to identify the end of a tape record, tape group, or end of file.

    In USASCII, the first 32 characters (0-31) were control characters and generally were not counted as visual characters (or printing characters).

    In extended character sets such as BCD and EBCDIC, there might be more non-printing characters.  However, EBCDIC is less rarely found now because it was an IBM proprietary code at first.  USASCII was considered better for most interchanges.

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