Superhero Helmet Design Ideas?

Hello. I am thinking about making a realistic superhero indie film series on my own, with my own superhero design. However, I want to make a helmet design. I'm having difficulty doing so, so I decided to ask you guys for references. I would like references of helmets I can buy, but they must follow under this criteria:

-Can have good peripheral vision while wearing

-Not too bulky

-Can look as though it is made with kevlar/carbon fiber.

You may draw ideas or search images for references. Thank you

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You have told us nothing about the superhero. Are they a pagan god or are they space science fiction or an animal based genetic freak or a normal human making an enhancing suit? That information is critical when thinking about what they would wear.

    BTW what is your budget, cos my creativity does not come for free.

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