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How to get a affordable business suit?

What are the best names for perfume for men and women, what jewelry is the best and what shoes are the best. From $40 to $900 or you can pretend it's that price.

1.) What is the best names of a business outfit for men

2.)what is the best names of a business outfit for women

3.) jewelry and shoes names

4.) And at last what's your favorite perfume for men and women.

You can wear a nice shirt that cost $20 to $400 with pants, khakis or a skirt or something like a dress (for the women)

Men can wear cough Flint's or a tie or bow tie. The young students wear navy blue business outfits,men and women under 19.

I'm sorry but I'm in the whole COCO Chanel type of thing and Jassica Simpson eatable Lotion.

I got a pink elephant problem. Now is there still Jassica Simpson eatable Lotion still on the shelves in the Chicago stores area, or not. Just tell if they have it or not..if they do and it's not at Walmart, target or any fancy food market. What happen to the best lotion, I will use it now as a normal perfume.

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