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Why are appropriate answers deleted? ?

Sometimes appropriate answers are deleted that don’t break community guidelines and other questions which are offensive and do break community guidelines are removed. Why is that? Does YA do this? 


Ps I mean some of those that do break guidelines are not removed. 

Update 2:

@anonymous - appropriate according to YA guidelines. As stated in the question. 

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    Because people falsely report answers they do not like or disagree with or they don't like the person who gave an accurate correct answer. 

    Yahoo and Verizon staff DO NOT MONITOR OR MODERATE TGE YA FORUMS. Verizon does NOT PAY OR HIRE employees to do that. YA is highly automated. When enough YA users like Yourself an answer it triggers?a bunch of computer programs to remove the answer from the YA DISPLAY, but NOT the digital data banks. 

    I have 2 thumb downs on a totally correct and accurate answer in Astronomy & Space right now. 

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    Appropriate according to....?

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