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At Walmart will I get a refund faster in person or cancelling the order before it’s shipped?

So I ordered a watch and have decided that I want a different one. The funds have been taken out of my account but the order is still saying it’s processing and it gives me the option to cancel it. It’s supposed to arrive within the next 2 days will the refund be faster if I cancel the order now before it’s shipped or if I wait to get it and just refund it in person? (it says it can take up to 5 days for a refund to hit in general but will it take even longer online)

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    If they will let you cancel now, DO IT.  If its too late, its too late. If you return it to a store it will still take up to 5 days from then. But usually they do not take that long. 2-3 business days are common. If you don't have excess credit available you will have to wait for the refund to finish processing.

    I usually pay with gift cards and the refunds are much faster. Instantly to a few hours.

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