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Opinions on these girl names please?

Ayla Mae

Madeline Reece

Jane Michelle

Lillian Willow

Ivyanne Rose

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    Ayla Mae- I've only met 2 Ayla's in my life and have great associations. I think it's pretty. 

    Madeline Reece - Sounds good together but I prefer Reese. 

    Jane Michelle - Classic. Jane is becoming underused. 

    Lillian Willow - Pretty 

    Ivyanne Rose- is it supposed to be Ivy Anne? When I first saw this I thought it was pronounced like :i" in igloo, making it sound almost like Ivana. It took my a second to realize it was supposed to be Ivy Anne. I Think Ivy-Anne would help clear confusion. 

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    Lillian Willow is  unusual

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    Ayla Mae~ Is it said like I-la or Ail-a?  Either way, I am not a fan.  I love the name Isla, though.

    Madeline Reece~ It's okay.  Not a fan of either name.  I prefer Reese over Reece.

    Jane Michelle~  I love both names but I think Michelle Jane flows better.

    Lillian Willow.  I love the name Willow.  Lillian is too old lady for me.  I'd be okay with Willow Lillian and i think it flows better, too.

    Ivyanne Rose~  I detest smushed names which is tow names smushed together to make on name.  I love Ivy Anne.  I detest Rose, too.  It's over used and boring.  I would be okay with Ivy Rose, though.

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    2 months ago

    Ayla Mae: Ayla is gorgeous but Mae waters it down because Mae is too common 7/10

    Madelyn Reece : sounds cute. I like Reece more than Madelyn . Maddie is a bit too common for a nickname 8/10

    Jane Michelle: I hate the name Jane. It’s so plain. Don’t like the flow of this combo. I do like Michelle  2/10

    Lillian Willow: love Willow. Prefer it as first name. Too much L sounds going on here . 5/10

    Ivyanne Rose: I really hate Ivyanne. It looks smashed together. Doesn’t sound delightful.  Rose is extremely popular 0/10

    Helen: Ayla is not a made up name 🤦‍♀️

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    ayla mae was on my list

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    Ayla Mae -- Cute, simple but uncommon. 

    Madeline Reece -- Madeline is beautiful but I'm not keen on unisex names like Reece. I think Madeline Rosa or Madeline Ruby would be prettier.

    Jane Michelle -- I find this a bit plain on the whole, and Michelle feels quite dated. I'd pair Jane with something more bold and striking, like Jane Magdalena or Jane Marisol. 

    Lillian Willow -- I like this, it's sweet and pretty. My only thing is that Lill and Will rhyme which makes the names sound a bit odd together. 

    Ivyanne Rose -- Ivy is my favourite name, but I prefer it just on its own. I also wouldn't pair two plant names together. I think Ivy Annabel would be nice. 

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    Ayla Mae - 7

    Madeline Reece - 8

    Jane Michelle - 10

    Lillian Willow - 7

    Ivyanne Rose - 0

    I LOVE Jane Michelle. "Ivyanne" is awful.

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    Ayla Mae - Trendy and made up. Not a fan. 1/10

    Madeline Reece - Madeline yes, Reece no. 4/10

    Jane Michelle - Bland. Either names are fine on their own (if a little dull) but together they don't flow well. 2/10

    Lillian Willow - Awful. Too may 'ills' and 'lils', what a mouthful! 0/10

    Ivyanne Rose - Cute, but again a mouthful. She'll probably end up going by Ivy. 6/10

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