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Can you repair friendships broken up over politics?

A close friend of mine chose to end our friendship because of my political opinion and beliefs, over a month ago. I honestly miss her. I was just wondering if anybody thinks a friendship broken up over politics has a chance of mending and repairing. I’m still hurting because I miss her so much, which is lowkey terrible because I think she doesn’t think about me and that she isn’t hurting. I feel like she moved on and I haven’t 

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    Here's the deal, I'm pretty sure this might be just part of a bigger problem. Typically, when people decide not to be friends with someone anymore it's not just because of one specific reason but it's usually about many small things that happened over time. I'd recommend you send one last text detailing that you're really hurting, if she doesn't reply then you might want to wait. Usually people come around (I've had friendships that have paused for a year and then I reach out and we talk again), but it takes some time. Stay patient, make a new friend if you have to because these things can last a little while. I hope this helps, if your friend seems super angry still just wait on texting her because it can actually make her more mad if she's already mad. The thing here is you've got to take care of yourself, so make some new friends because they can both help you out with your other friend and they can keep you going when you get into fights with your other friend.

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    Reach out to your friend, and then you'll know.  With some people it's possible, with others no.  If you feel uncomfortable, send a short note.  You might start with something... such as:  'Our friendship had a great run, and I hope that we can race again in the future..."

    Or send a funny card, that is cute!  It may be all that is needed to swing open those doors of communication.  If political stances come up, let her have her/his say... Keeping in mind, our friends have their own views.. knowing we all have been getting a little fired up from what we hear on the news, sometimes those projections tell all the truth, and neither do the politicians. WE all need to calm down! 

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    Politics is always changing and if you're in the US you're likely to soon see an end to the constant media drone about what's happening in Washington DC. So one suspects you'll both get over it eventually. The irresponsibility of the Fourth Estate for the past four years has made a lot of people crazy. 

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     Politics & Religion are good at ruining good thing's zxjq

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    2 months ago

    A relationship CAN be repaired, but she would have to first see that friendship is more important to her than "being right".  THAT might be too hard to do.  Among some groups, "being right" is very, very important (as foolish as that sounds, on its face).

    Among young people in particular (teens to twenties) there's a strong tendency to want to be able to KNOW that you understand how the world is SUPPOSED TO work, and to profess and accept ONLY those things that fit in with that idea.  Politics is one of those subjects that is supposed to conform to a person's idea of HOW THINGS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE.  (If you continue to grow emotionally and intellectually, this all becomes much less important as you get older.)

    For now, it'd be best for you to try to fill the gap that her absence creates with other activities that you enjoy, so that when you approach her for a reconciliation, it won't be from a position of neediness.

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    2 months ago

    Don’t Lose Friendships Over Politics [rule 1....It’s a pity to cause permanent rifts, and so unnecessary. To permit politics to fundamentally alter something so important as friendship is to give politicians more importance than they deserve.folk is dieing by the millions over covid, no time to be petty over the orange clown,after JAN he will go to prison and u and ur friend need to forgive and move on

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    Joe Biden is hoping to mend a whole country broken up over politics.  Might not be easy, but still a worthy cause.

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    2 months ago

    Don't see why someone would want to. If someone's willing to end a friendship over something like politics, then they're not your friend.

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