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Is it okay to not want to go to trade school? ?

I face a lot of pressure from my family that "People in the skilled trades make so much more money than college grads!" and always see posts online that say "Please consider vocational training. These programs are highly underrated," and so forth. ....I understand that women can work blue collar jobs, but I absolutely have no interest in that type of work. 

I thought about getting a business degree, but my dad keeps saying there's too much competition for office jobs and I won't make anything with it, etc. Idk. Is it socially acceptable these days to for someone to say they'd prefer to attend college? 


Quite honestly, I'm about ready to give up and just get a minimum wage job after high school.

Update 2:

Robert: I know plumbers make good money. Again, I'm just not interested in that type of work. The only trade that slightly interests me is cosmetology (Which my family originally kept putting me down for it because there's "no money" in it.) That's why I thought about getting into more of an office career.

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    I raised three daughters.  It is your life and your decision.  So do it.  Your family, and specifically your Dad, is not there for you.  It is obvious to me that you want something to pay your own way in life.  That should be more than enough to make your folks proud and supportive.  Business is a good degree.    It is perfect for managing and/or owning any business - cosmetology included. 

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    You do NOT want a minimum wage salary!  

    There's nothing wrong with not wanting to go to a trade school.  And saying you want to go to college has always been socially acceptable.

    The important thing is to find a career you would be happy with.  I suggest you look into taking a career aptitude test.  It would tell you where your interests and strengths are.  You may have a talent at something you've never considered.

    Career aptitude tests were required for high school seniors where I grew up.  My results were:  chef, teacher, and physical therapist.  I already knew I wanted to teach, so that was no surprise, and I loved to cook but wasn't interested in making it my life's work.  I never would have thought of physical therapy, but I could see I would probably be good at it.

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    I think it's good to have a trade to fall back on in case your degree doesn't work for you.  then while you are making a living you can pursue your real interest, like college or cosmetology or anything you want.  You have to be consistent and determined and know that time is a thief when you are undecided.  Everything a person does always takes time.

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    Ignore "socially acceptable." That's irrelevant to YOUR personal needs & preferences. You must go with YOUR strengths, your talents, abilities, interests, skills, personality & character traits, etc, & do what is right for you. Yes, people need good people in various trades, which have been underappreciated in more recent decades. But they need talents & abilities, just as an author needs talents & abilities in their field, or an historian, or a teacher, or an accountant, or anything else! Assess YOUR talents, abilities, interests, etc, & choose what's right for you.

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    Your life, your decision

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    Why are you listening to everyone else?  You DON'T want to attend trade school!! You don't HAVE TO. Do what you want to do! Not what everyone THINKS you should do. There is a lot more satisfaction in life when you do what you want, and stop listening to those people who think they know what is best for you. 

    If you want to attend college, then go to college. If you want a business degree, then get one. The purpose of living isn't to make money--it's to be happy, and do what makes YOU satisfied. Period. 

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    if you dont want trade school then dont worry about education .. and some decent pay , its that simple ..good future living of minimal wage , isnt it ..

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    If I could give advice I would say have experience with money asap. This gives you idea of what your spending habits are. Do you need to stay at five star hotels and work a job you hate. Do you want to work a job you love and live in a trailer. No, one can make these choices but you. Getting an idea of money before taking out loans seems vital. I had a lot of realizations just buying milk. That the average minimum wage worker makes 7.50 a hour. And milk is 8 $ that is one hour of work for not even a gallon of milk. I work find an income and try to pay for your business degree without taking out loans.  If you cant find work you could always make work. You could build your credit up and start a business yourself. You could learn a trade that interest you go to a community college and finish a business degree and work for yourself. There is a lot of money in business. America is based on Business. 

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    No not all trade workers make more than workers with a Bachelor degree or higher.

    It can take years before someone who is a plumber, electrician, carpenter makes a high salary.  A average salary for them is about $54,000.

    Look at what two year career programs your community college has. Does anything interests you? 

    What job do you want? What is the average salary. What education or training is needed. Will you need a Bachelor degree, Masters degree for the job.  What is the predicted growth for the field.

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    It isn't about trade school vs university; it is about finding out what profession you want to take up, whether or not that profession will be a financially viable one for you, and then finding what school will be the right one to get you there. 

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    Stick with your goals. Parents are often concerned/worried for their children to be financially stable. They mean well and give this advice out of love. But do your thing. College grads are needed to build the future and you may find in college there are other career paths that interest you

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