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Is this kind of small, soft bread roll still available? [GB]?

These were finger rolls of soft bread, but much smaller than 'normal' finger rolls, and often used at buffet parties. I have not seen them on sale in either supermarket or baker's shop for quite some time. I seem to remember them being called 'bridge rolls' although this would seem an unusual name for a type of bread roll so I may have misheard the name at the time or remembered it wrongly.

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    3 months ago
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    You definitely heard right!  They're called bridge rolls.  I think it was Elizabeth David who said that they're called that because they were first in vogue when bridge (the card game) parties were popular, but don't quote me on that, it may have been Jane Grigson.

    You're right about them being scarce these days.  Come to think of it I've only seem them at catered events since about 2000?  I did some sleuthing and it seems that plenty of wholesalers still make them for the catering industry - or did before covid.  Sadly, these two links are trade only, but they do prove that you and I are not sharing an hallucination!



    It's possible some small independent family bakeries might make them to order.  They're similar to finger rolls but softer somehow. And now you've made me crave some....

  • denise
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    3 months ago

    Years ago we used to do buffets for friends / family parties e.t.c. and we bought 'bridge rolls' from the local bakery to make the open sandwiches, as they were more attractive / appetising than the closed bread triangle ones.

    We used to order them from 'Hadfields' bakery in Huddersfield West Yorks, I would just ask at your local bakery.

  • 3 months ago

    There's lots of recipes for them.  Similarly, petit pain or brioche rolls should be available. 

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