How do you see the future of football ?

It’s 2030, it’s Man City v Liverpool

Liverpool are about to win the league for the 10th season in a row and City have a chance to finally stop them and overtake them by 1 point on the penultimate game of the season. 

The game is two thirds played, City had a goal that was questionably offside in the first game. The game was paused and the VAR footage was sent for a peer reviewed scientific study by professors Merson, Neville, Hargreaves and Shearer. 

The goal is eventually given as “games gone mad Jeff” and the game will resume next week at 2-1 to City. I hope there’s no controversy so we can finish the game this time, it took 7 restarts last season. 

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  • 2 months ago

    World Cup winning captain Harry Kane tracks back, wins the ball in midfield, sends a superb pass to Raheem Sterling, who embarks on a run down the wing, to cross to Harry Kane (who has since bust a gut to get into the opposition box) and Harry Kane scores.  Fans take to comment sections to say that “ all he does is score penalties and tap-ins. “

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Dimi give it a fecking rest will ya LMAO

    you're worse than I was when I made my exciting debut on here all those many years ago ! ^_^

    It's 2030,  and Man United have still not won the Premier League sounds better lol

    As for us,  lets wait and see shall we.

    10 EPL titles in a row is not likely, the Prem is too competitive for a team to go 10 years straight, a whole decade winning every single league title.  Its never been done before.

    for us to to do that, we need to defend the title this season and then win the league 8 more times in the remainder of the decade (2020's)

    (2019-20 marked the start of the 2020s and LFC won the league,  2020-21 LFC defend their title)

    2021-22 - Winners

    2022-23 - Winners

    2023-24 - Winners

    2024-25 - Winners

    2025-26 - Winners

    2026-27 - Winners

    2027-28 - Winners

    2028-29 - Winners

    I much as that would spoil us rotten,  do you REALLY honestly believe we're that good ? I mean we're good but cmon now - that would cause the FA to 'investigate' wtf happened in Englands top flight division and maybe even revoke one of our titles to make a poor runner-up have it instead ^_^



    I'd say 4 more EPL titles AT LEAST this decade.

    I expect the likes of City and Chelsea to nick on or two each, With spurs nicking one also and possibly even Manure towards the end of this decade ending their mini title drought.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    Man utd are playing away at FC Of Manchester in non league ole gunnar solskjaer is still manager of Utd.

  • F
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    2 months ago

    PL footballers win their campaign for a minimum wage of £1m a week. Play is also reduced to 20 min each way to stop them becoming tired and jaded 5 games into a season.

    To pay for this Sky Sports is increased to £500 a month. Marcus Rashford, now prime minister, introduces scheme to end Sky sports poverty,

    PL is reduced to 10 teams. Let’s be honest, who wants to watch Burnley/Brighton/ WBA etc.Similarly Champions league is restricted to English, Spanish , German and Italian trans only. Let’s be honest , no one is interested in teams from Scotland or Ukraine.

    Games are still played in empty stadia even though corona virus has been eradicated. It was found to be the most effective way to end racism in football grounds.

    VAR is fully computerised and instant and the first player to understand the offside rule, grabs 100 goals in a season.

    England are forced to withdraw from the World Cup as there are no longer 11  English professional footballers in the whole country. Alan Shearer and Ian Wright immediately offer their services but their Zimmer frames are deemed too dangerous in the field.

    Women’s football is removed from TV after the “experts” took honesty pills, and finally admitted it was rubbish on a par with an average boys under 15 team.

    David Luiz is presented with a double award, most over rated footballer of the century and best Sideshow Bob lookalike.

    First prediction coming true. Empty stadia , the only way to get rid of racism. Well done Millwall!

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I see Everton winning the league

  • Ryan
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    2 months ago

    Are you feeling okay?

  • 2 months ago

    American owners love the restart system because it brings Soccer more in line with an NFL format they can sell to American audiences 

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