can a Asrock H310CM-IB motherboard run a Intel Core i7-9700F and a 1660ti? And will a 500watt ps be enough for it? ?

My Asrock H310CM-IB motherboard is small it came pre built in a min case from bestbuy like this 

and in regards to the gpu will i have to worry about the size of it considering that the motherboard is small? sorry for all the loaded questions just wanna be right before i spend hard earned money..

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The stated wattage of a power supply has too much variation in its performance and specifications to have much meaning without brand and model number or at least the details of its 12 volt amps and cables of 6 and/or 8 pin pcie power.

    The -IB suffix is a custom OEM Ibuypower version.

    CPU upgrading from the i3-9100F has limited gaming benefit unless recording gaming which stresses the cpu.

    Starting at a 6812 score in 4 core 4 thread. i5-7600 6594 score. i7-9700F does push it towards 14000 score in 8 core 8 threads that modern gaming and software and Windows 10 can use, but gaming is mostly graphics card.

    i7-9700F should be compatible. If a functioning PC assure bios is up to date first. If starting with an i3-9100F, bios should be OK, but always check bios for its latest level in a working PC before upgrades. 

    A GTX 1650 starts as a $150 card now, new, scoring about 7700 in G3D. GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 TI are very similar in performance, both 120 Watt cards, typically requiring a good 450+W power supply of at least 27A @ 12V. 

    You should not have an issue using a longer card. Although I see the motherboard is small, maybe ITX size, cards can extend beyond the board length, and the case can hold long cards. You may consider an i5 and stronger graphics card and better power supply than the i7/GTX 1660 TI combination.

    The original 400 watt power supply is not particularly good. In upgrading, I would be more concerned about the quality of a power supply than its stated wattage. Many 500 watt power supplies are really garbage. 

    There is a power supply review database, though now out of date because of new power supply releases.

    I would expect to see at least 36A at 12V in single rail and 80+ Bronze efficiency with 2x6 pin PCIe connectors or cables as a minimum to consider in a 500W supply.

    Some power supplies are 500 watt continuous and some only 500 watt peak power, and a few titled 500W without actually being a 500 watt power supply. Warranty length is a reasonable judgement. Minimum 3, typical now 5 or more year for a good power supply. 

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