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Dealing with china has never been easy, they're the elephant in the room. But other prime ministers have managed to keep the relationship ?

with china cordial although having other differences, we can't say that now under this prime minister. . 

This prime minister has undone all the hard work other primes ministers have done keeping this difficult relationship we have china together. 

Is that shameful?


@Anonymous: so do I, but taking the lead when others have suffered much more, makes us look antagonistic, blind freddy could see that.

Update 2:

@Anonymous: The US, EU and UK have suffered the most and they didn't take the lead, do they need to grow a pair?

Update 3:

@Ronald: You're right, the PM should go.

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    4 weeks ago

    Alright, let's put it this way. If we were living in Britain in 1940, who would you have supported? Chamberlain who wanted to appease Hitler and Nazi Germany, or Churchill who was determined to stand up to them? Could you have lived with your conscience in retrospect, knowing what the Nazis did and were capable of, if you'd advocated for "cordial relations" with them over standing up to them?

    There comes a time when you have to put your country ahead of your political party, and partisan point scoring. 

    Yes, we've had more cordial relations with China in recent years, but then China in recent years has never been as despotic and deranged as they are now under Xi Jinping, who is the 21st century's answer to Adolf Hitler. After causing COVID (whether intentionally or accidentally we will never know, because they won't allow a proper inquiry and have probably destroyed all the evidence anyway), they have shown their true colours. Have a look at the parallels with 1930s Germany, and tell me you don't find them chilling:

    - Ethnic nationalism based on Han supremacist ideology. All minority cultures in China are suppressed if not persecuted.

    - China is committing genocide against the Uyghur people, who are being rounded up in large numbers and placed into concentration camps. Sound familiar?

    - Diplomats bullying nations (such as Australia) who refuse to kowtow to the CCP's bullsh!t, or dare to point out their genocide against Uyghurs, or ask for an inquiry into the origins of COVID.

    - Jailing and persecution of journalists, protestors, whistleblowers and critics.

    - Invasion of Hong Kong, in breach of the One Country Two Systems agreement that China signed and vowed to uphold.

    - Military expansionism in the South China Sea and elsewhere. We will see this happening with more and more boldness in the near future, just you wait. You might call it "Lebensraum with Chinese characteristics".

    Just pray with all your strength that they won't perceive a weakness in the US administration and take an opportunity to invade Taiwan, because that will be our Poland, and we'll have another world war on our hands.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    China has been targetting us since  2011  that i know of,  threatened to  blow  our  boats out of the water   in 2015  shoot  our planes out of the sky in 2016 and claimed Australia  as the great southern  province of  China in  2011  this has nothing to do with Morrison, China has been picking  fights for years they want our  country right or  wrong  and they will not get it

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    2 months ago

    China is behaving very badly and Scott Morrison has stood up and said what needs to be said.  China is doing some very underhanded things and needs to be made aware the rest of the world is watching and are very unhappy with China's behavior.  You seem to believe Australia should bend over and take what ever China says up our @rse.  China is bullying its neighboring countries and trying to claim the international waters of the South China Sea as their territorial waters and ban all international shipping through there using military threats on any cargo ships going through there..  Now they are about to launch one of the biggest fishery factory ships in the world and will be parking it right on the edge of Australian territorial waters and deplete our fish stocks.  They have one in the waters around South America and apparently have done serious damage to their fish stocks.

      Do you seriously believe a man snacking on a bat in a Chinese market started coronavirus.  Apparently there is a biological weapons research plant in the same province.  My guess it escaped from there and the Chinese will not allow Scott Morrison's call for an enquiry to happen and to try and shut us up has started to put huge trade sanctions on out products.

      China cannot risk a war with us as America and possibly Britain would join us.  70% of Chinese wealth comes from the USA buying their cheap crap and they cannot afford to lose the US as a trading partner so are not going to risk attacking Australia and losing all the money they make off the Americans.  What needs to happen is the USA and Australia should refuse to take any Chinese products or tax them to the point they are no longer cheap and people start to buy goods from India instead and ruin the Chinese economy.  Next time you buy Chinese goods just remember that you are making China that bit more powerful and aggressive.

      Scott Morrison has said what needed to be said and other countries are agreeing with him that China needs to be made to realize Australia and the world will not take their cr@p.  Acting like scared little children as you think we should do is not what we should be doing.  Every thing China gets away with makes them bolder and makes them believe they can push other countries around like a bully in the school yard.  If you don't stand up to bullies they just get meaner and nastier, and this bully needs to be pulled up now.

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    2 months ago

    Good on Scott Morrison for standing up for Australian Values by stopping the sell off of australia to China . 

    Anonymousi suppose you would prefer the Labor Party sell us off so China are happy  .Only a traitor or a idiot would vote Labor. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Australia haven’t taken the lead on anything. The USA has imposed tariffs on China. The EU have always had very stringent tariffs on China. Australia have just copped a load of tariffs without doing anything in retaliation. Ankle biting in response to Chinese aggression is not taking the lead. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Australia's PM is perceived by China as arrogant and disrespectful, as a result Australian industries are suffering, an example is the 200% tariff imposed on Australian wine, while NZ wine has had no such tariff imposed. The Australian PM needs to go cap-in-hand to the NZ PM and humbly ask her for lessons in diplomacy.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    You need to grow a pair.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I don't agree with you. All Morrison wanted was an inquiry into the Covid 19 source.

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