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Why has the UK government done a terrible job at handling the coronavirus pandemic ?

Since the UK is an island shouldn’t that have worked as an advantaged? The only thing they had to focus on was air travel and boats. Any British citizen returning from overseas should be put into immediate 14 day isolation. Plus they shouldn’t be allowing anyone to leave the country without a very good reason. This worked for New Zealand and Australia with no new infections for a long time. Why has the UK failed at this? 

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    The answer is simply, Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister.

    In early March, Boris boasted saying he had shaken the hands of everyone at a hospital where infected patients were being treated, not even wearing a mask.

    Then he refused a testing and tracing system claiming the UK would build a world beating system, millions of pounds later we have had two systems which are useless.  The latest system only works on new phones and who are most likely not to have the latest phones, the elderly who are most at risk.

    He awarded safety equipment contracts to Tory friends, many with no experience in these areas,

    All together contracts totalling £1.5bn have gone to companies with connections to the Conservative party.

    Boris and his Tory cronies have used the virus to line their own and their friends pockets.

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    COVID-19 is not the Black Death, Ebola, or even the Spanish Flu. The only people actually at risk form the virus are those already very ill.  The global left is trying to use the virus as an excuse to destroy the economies of the western democracies. 

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    Because Boris Johnson is an idiot.

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