Should I have filed police report for a 2015 incident where a stalker took away my Driver's license (Please read detail)?

Hey everyone, serious answer needed, I am wondering right now if I should have filed a police report back in 2015, when a guy I briefly dated took away my wallet (along with it my driver's license took fotos of them and refused to give it back to me).

This guy is a horrible jerk, very deceitful, Anyways I am a Christian Fitness Trainer, and was working as a Teacher's Assistant at that time 2015 (until the Pandemic). The guy took my license away (stucked it inside his pants) I was able to get drivers license back after fighting with him. He groped me (left me with bruises) but I was able to fight him of with Martial Arts and Thank God I am still a virgin and he did not defile me, except the bruises from groping. My close friends all supported me during this difficult time.

He stalked me for a bit then never again, I was too terrified to speak to the Police (did not trust men for a while, the incident left me terrified for quite a bit). It left me rather shaken and bruised. Really wished I had fought harder using Judo and Taekwondo.

PS: Why did he took my driver's license and refuse to give me back, I don't understand why he does something like this. 


@Anonymous: Your answer failed to address my question, and you definitely seemed biased if not coming across as a bit prejudiced. I have no idea what you are saying either, and you sound rude if not silly, please abstain from answering my Q. Thank you. 

Update 2:

@ Anonymous, no need to hide behind your avatar when speaking to me. I know Apaches personally very well and we are very close friends in College. People speak and use profanity are not honouring the Creator or showing respect for others. Your mannerism of answering my Q online, is sadly lacking in act and respect. I am giving you a thumbs down you well deserved. 

Update 3:

@Anonymous: I don't know if you are a police officer, if you are one, you are not doing a good job answering questions helping or assisting others. 

Apache Elders on "In our Language there is no profanity"

Update 4:

@Anonymous: You need help if not some humility, I am not interested in arguing with you. If I see a person is acting badly online behaving badly, they will be called out for their behaviours. Like I said before I know Apaches personally, they act as real Christian men and women and do not speak or talk to me like you. You have no right to critic me because you know nothing, and you speak from a place of ignorance, prejudice and jealous. Please refrain from engaging me, thank you. 

Update 5:

@ Anonymous, don't hide behind your avatar, come out openly and show me where I wrongly criticized someone? Like I said before, if I see blatant wrong doing online or offline, I critic in a spirit of Christ. You Anonymous is not answering my Q in a Christ like spirit or like a true Native Son, sorry, Read again the link I had posted on Apache Elder James Kaywaykla's statement.

Update 6:

@Anonymous: ""Stucked" it and you go out of your way to criticize other users?"  Like what? Can you give an example? If you have to hide yourself to speak to me, then your opinions are just that, irrelevant. You speak out of ignorance, prejudice and jealousy. What is more everyone makes a typo sometimes, its people (like you) showing their unsound prejudice, and that is ugly. 

Update 7:

@Anonymous: Criticizing me for speaking out against bad behaviours? You really should not be tolerating Officers in your department acting like this.

Update 8:

@Anonymous (2nd user): Your replies are basically "I don't know anything" "I don't care" and "I have no idea". I have to shake my head at such a incompetent response, completely lacking in courtesy, compassion, respect, and tact. Your opinions are just that, your opinions. 

Update 9:

@anonymous (2nd user): Irrelevant to you, but not to God or others who genuinely cares and who have a heart =)  You only cares about your own opinions not the welfare of others. Your selfish opinions are tasteless. Please do not speak to me or contact me in any form. Thank you =)

Update 10:

@ Anonymous (2nd user): Haters like you gonna hate, haters focus on winners, seriously go get some fresh air for your health. Opinions of a ill willed and hateful person with no real content or moral character. Lying to me about you being Apache? Changing your answers several times? Think I didn't see that? You are fired from your job as CO bcoz you are incompetent and the Police Chief is right about you, your answers shows that.  

Update 11:

@Anonymous (2nd user) you are hateful and envious of my life as a Christian fitness trainer, and my close association with Apache, so you come online to tear down my reputation. Typical hater with poor self esteem and lack of spirituality and doesn't represent or speak for the Apache nation (yet claims to be one). Half Native American? Please don't use your race card here. You have already failed you have zero clue and no idea on how to help people ---- haters are losers =)

Update 12:

@Anonymous (2nd user) Native American Core Values consisted of Humility and empathy, which is sorely lacking in your answer and your view of others. Pride comes before a crash; you are drunk on power dismissing others online, while you covers up for problem officers. I call out bad behaviours as I see it. You have lied and you will reap what you sow. As for the arrogant and deceitful, God knows them only from a distance. Pride always comes before a crash =)

Update 13:

Apache Elder on "In our Language there is no profanity"

Update 14:

True Native American Indian Christian Brothers and sisters takes Great Faith and Great courage in assisting and helping many survivors of Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence, with God's word the Bible so victims can recover, and receive spiritual help, and gain strength in Christ Jesus and made strong in God's power. Anon User #2's view toward other people such as "I have no idea, I don't care, its irrelevant" is not a reflection of Native American Teaching of kindness, humility, and generosity.

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    Yes you should have reported it. People like that hope you don't  report it, some even count on it.  Not much they could do if he were to say he doesn't have it but you never know where that official ID would land at least you have a record of it being stolen.

    Don't know him so who knows why he took it.  Perhaps To control you some, make you do what he wants or to sell or give to another, to see your information-- to find out more with that information, keep your picture.  Others can't tell you unless they know him well

    This seems to have affected you dearly, others may not show the kindness and  empathy you would think--"it is the net. "

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    To answer your question...yes, you should've filed a police report in 2015.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    With respect - I have NO idea what your repetition of your employment history (Christian Fitness Trainer - apparently as opposed to pagan fitness trainer - and teachers assistant) and your virgin status have to do with anything. I have no idea why he took your Drivers License. 


    You were THERE, and you don't his reasoning, but you want me to guess?


    I have no idea why, five years later, you are still attempting to cope with this. You dated a violent, abusive loser. Chalk it up to experience.  Would I have called the Police the very moment someone stole my property and molested me?  Yes.  Am I afraid of the Police (or men, in general)?  No.  Maybe that would make a difference in my decision to report an assault.

    If your question is “why” anything, he presumably is the only one who knows.

    EDIT:  I am half Native American.  You are incorrect that there are no profane words in the Apache vocabulary, although I fail to see the connection.  Also the Nation takes great pride in speaking and spelling in correct English.


    Also, this is not a chat site - and I have NO idea what anyone else claiming to be a Police Officer (now or ever) has to do with anything.  I see no signs of "jealousy" in anyone's answer.  Jealous of what?  Your virginity?  Your "employment?"  If this is an example of your Christianity - your "Christianity?"  


    I see you asking a question, providing a lot of irrelevant details and people who DON'T post their life history attempting to answer you.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    OMG, YES! What are you waiting for? 

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