Is bijective logic used in artificial intelligent systems?

Please provide a source.


Bijectives are mathematical functions.

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  • oyubir
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    3 months ago
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    Well, I hold a PhD in artificial intelligence. And I am a math teacher in college.

    Yet, I've never heard of bijective logic (maybe it is just an English language issue. I am not a native English speaker. So, maybe it is something that I know under another name. But google isn't really helpful on bijective logic neither).

    I mean, I understand all the words, obviously. I know what logic is. And I know what bijective is.

    And I know about a whole bunch of alternative logics (linear logic, fuzzy logic, minimal logic, modal logic, etc.). Yet, I don't know that one. I wouldn't know all of them, tho. So, it proves nothing. The fact that google says nothing pertinent says more. The only occurrences of the words "bijective logic" together are, outside this very question, in sentences about "bijective logic gates", which refer to electronic "logic gates" that happen to be bijective, and "bijective logic-homeomorphism" which are logic-homeomorphisms that happen to be bijective.

    And anyway, even if "bijective logic" were a thing, no, that is not a thing that we really use in artificial intelligence. I mean, there again, I cannot claim to know all of AI. But I am really well acquainted with it, to say the least. So, if that was a classical thing, I would know.

    That being said, AI use a lot of math (and I am not saying that because I am biased by the fact that I am a mathematician. I am a computer scientist with a AI degree, who turned math teacher, because of all the math I need to do my AI job correctly).

    So, whatever logic you are referring to, yes, there is a good chance it can be used in AI

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