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If employee is friendly/cheerful & works hard, but pouts like a child when he’s asked to do messenger run, will he not get a bad evaluation?

Let’s say he acts like a prima donna whenever he’s asked to go on a messenger run, as he either feels that being a “gofer” is beneath him, or he’s just lazy when it comes to doing that.  But anything that doesn’t involve leaving the office, he’s happy to do.  Basically, he’s mentally ill — suddenly gets pouty like a child or goes into hiding out in the office if someone asks him to go on messenger run.  In addition, he NEVER replies to e-mails where staff member requests that, nor does he respond to supervisor on walkie talkie asking for volunteer to do messenger run.  He won’t even respond if supervisor asks him directly on the walkie talkie.  But then when supervisor says, “Copy?”, employee responds in pouty manner, “Yes.”  His personality/work ethic will change at the blink of an eye if he’s asked to do one thing that he ironically said “yes” to at job interview when he first applied for this position.  On top of that, he will con someone in his department to do it for him, by lying “[So ‘n so] asked if you can go on messenger run” and such.  This is very difficult for the co-worker being conned, because he’s a spineless jellyfish who doesn’t stand up for himself.  Although, one time he did (professionally of course, “I am unable to do this at the ment”), to which the pouty employee went crying (so to speak) to supervisor.  He’s spineless as well in the sense that he cons people while he’s a coward who tries to get his way by going to superior.


Typo: “...unable to do this at the MOMENT.” *

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    If it's you,  better work on your attitude.   

    If this isn't you,  stop trying to live someone else's life. 

  • n2mama
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    2 months ago

    So you post variations of this daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Are you the pouty employee trying to figure out what you can get away with? Or are you a different employee who for some reason is obsessed to the point of compulsion about this other person? Either way, you need a new hobby.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Im sick of you posting about it. Mind your own business or QUIT.

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