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Where's my refund from ebay or paypal... when a seller fails to communicate?


I bought an item from ebay seller and the wrong item was shipped - returned-to-sender an eBay seller. got no refund.. it came with a tracking number but it only shows it was shipped not delivered, I refused to accept it, and it went back to the sender,. thats been a week ago eBay said they would accept the return, but have heard nothing from them, they just sent me a return label saying mail the item back for a refund,.. But I already sent it back (refuse to accept).. I even reported it to paypal 3 days ago, .. they said they are investigating... when will I get a refund?


eBay said they would accept the return for a full refund.  

Update 2:

So I refused it, at the UPS 

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  • 2 months ago

    Not accepting the item strayed from established process. Only Ebay can answer your question.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Refusing delivery is not something you can do and expect a full refund. At best you will get whatever you paid less shipping and tax. And maybe not even that.

    Refunds can take weeks if the seller is not cooperative as you have to go thru steps and give the seller ample time.

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