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Why do some say that nobody can be good enough to avoid hell?

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    Because that's all they seem to know, many religious folk get fixated on something they learned about their ridiculous fantasy and for whatever reason, they endlessly repeat the same BS  like a broken record, like Doug's his sickness and he can't help it.  

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    That's not totally true, since if Jesus says you're good enough, than you most certainly are.

  • Because everybody's belief differs even in Biblical interpretations when somebody dies they are always sinning according to their host. One will say its okay and another will not. And they'd prob be passed from christian to christian because they claim theyre christian and the christian beliefs are always Marking whether its right or wrong in who they host so when the soul goes into another Christian not Marking them the same way it causes greatpain

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    Only word is good the flesh will go to the grave as it always dose. God is word and we live in word.

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     Because they are stupid plainly:

    As hell only exists in the religious mindset ( Exactly the same applies to heaven also though.)

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    2 months ago

    I am 44 and have never committed a sin. And no Christian can prove otherwise. 

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    Because of Romans 6:23.

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    Because there are SO F[intercourse[ING MANY religions with different Gods and different versions of Hell.       The PROBLEM with threatening an unpleasant Afterlife to people who lack a belief in YOUR favorite Divine Being, can be demonstrated by this thoughtful answer:

    OK, let us presuppose that Supernatural Beings and an Afterlife are not simply products of the human imagination.

    Let us ignore, completely, the absolute lack of TESTABLE, REPEATABLE, CONSISTENT evidence of their existence

    What is the next reasonable step?

    A Christian by the name of Blaise Pascal suggested that we behave AS IF the Christian God really does exist, since if He doesn't, we've lost nothing, but if He DOES, we've gained a lovely Afterlife, and avoided eternal TORMENT.

    But, if Mr. P is right, we've got a lot more to worry about!

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as ALLAH, we shall be denied the joys of PARADISE, and be condemned to Muslim HELL.

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as ZEUS we shall be denied the joys of the FIELDS of ELYSIUM, and be condemned to HADES

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as ODIN we shall be denied the joys of VALHALLA,, and be condemned to NIFFELHEIM.

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as PHUQUIORAS, we shall be denied the joys of the ETERNAL FEAST, and be condemned to the OUTER DARKNESS..

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as The GITCHEE MANITOU, we shall be denied the joys of the HAPPY HUNTING GROUNDS, and be condemned to WANDER the WIND.

    IF you and I lack a belief in the God known as  OSIRIS, He will weigh  your soul and my soul against a feather, and, if you fail, He will feed your soul to a crocodile, and you shall not be reborn in the Afterlife.

    If we reject the teachings of Buddhism, we may end up in  Buddhist Naraka, which, while not ETERNAL, may last for a period from mere centuries, to a quintillion years. (Ten, followed by eighteen zeros!)

    10,000,000,000,000,000,000 years.

    I have been more recently informed that if you and I lack a belief in the Mortal Kombat Gods , the  Elder gods will have Raiden send us to Shinnok in Netherrealm to be burned forever

    How many of the above-mentioned DIVINE PERSONAGES are you going to believe in, just to make certain they do not inflict upon you the punishments which, according to their Believers, you so justly deserve?

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    There is noting you can do to earn your way or to be worthy enough to enter heaven.  John 14:6 "Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father except through Me." Exclusive... but countless people have found this claim to be the truth. It's all about who Jesus Christ is and what He has done.

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