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Why did Trump give $425 billion in contracts to companies so they can send jobs overseas?

Despite the 2016 campaign promise that he made to voters in pivotal industrial swing states throughout the Midwest that he would end the profit-driven relocation of manufacturing jobs to lower-wage countries, President Donald Trump has awarded more than $425 billion in federal contracts to corporations responsible for offshoring 200,000 jobs held by U.S. workers, according to a new report published Monday by progressive think tank and advocacy group.

"Time and time again, Donald Trump has proven that he will always put his corporate friends' profits over the lives of American workers."The report (pdf), Promises Made, Workers Betrayed: Trump's Bigly Broken Promise to Stop Job Offshoring, was released during a press conference and is based on an analysis of data from the Department of Labor on trade-related job loss as well as data on federal procurement.Researchers at Public Citizen found that Trump's claim that he would deny billions worth of lucrative government contracts to companies that offshored jobs in order to encourage those firms to bring jobs back to U.S. factories was an empty threat. Instead, the report reveals, eight of the top 10 corporations receiving government contracts during Trump's time in office have participated in offshoring.According to the analysis, of the more than 300,000 U.S. workers who have lost their jobs as a result of worsening trade deficits during the Trump presidency, just over 200,000 of those jobs were classified as offshored.

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    Get ready for even more to move overseas and unemployment to go up if democrats raise their taxes. We need manufacturing here. We're dependent on China to manufacture our medical equipment. How sad.

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    Commondreams? Bwahahahaha

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    I think some of this may have benefited some of his businesses overseas.

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    Although contracts weren't Trump's, he still only thinks about himself, and rarely actually did anything at all. TV, Tweet, Golf, political rallies.

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    trump is a TRAITOR to The USA.  

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