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Whom to thank for fantastic Thanksgiving takeout from restaurant?

I'm a member of a private club that has several restaurants, a gym, meeting rooms, etc. in it.  It has a general manager, a director of food and beverage, a head chef and other staff.

This year, the club offered take-out Thanksgiving dinners.  They were FANTASTIC!  The food was great and it was totally classy: orders were provided in a beautiful thermal bag with the club's logo on it, and the orders even included a few gifts, such as an apron with the club's logo on it, as well as a note, on thick paper, from the general manager, thanking us for the order.

This was really exceptional.  Who should I thank: the general manager and the head chef and the director of food and beverage?  Should I email all of them on the same email?  Or send a handwritten note?


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    Ideally, I suggest you write all three unique individual emails, and carbon copy each to the other two you send them so that everyone is fully aware of your compliments to each person.  This allows each to take pride and puts the GM on notice of the appreciated work of the other two.  I really respect someone who takes the time to give people credit when credit is due.

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    2 months ago

    I would contact the director of food and beverages.   Mention to the director to please pass your compliments to their chef and staff.

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